Tomb Raider delay due to "natural evolution" of development plan

Amidst fears it had all gone horrible wrong, Crystal Dynamics has quashed concerns over the recently delayed Tomb Raider reboot.

In the latest CD-podcast, studio head Darrell Gallagher denied suggestions the project needs more time to iron out significant problems.

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coolbeans2372d ago

More robust singleplayer?

Sad to see mine's the most unlikely out of the three choices.

Forbidden_Darkness2372d ago

It is probably the most unlikely, but it's the one I hope for the most out of the three choices said.

coolbeans2372d ago

Absolutely agree to that. Although it's very doubtful, I'm hoping the designer came up with one more mind-blowing puzzle that just couldn't be left out, or something like that.

Jls12372d ago

aw was looking forward to this game but take all the time you need