Another harrowing Max Payne 3 production tale from Lazlow

Original Gamer: "Last week, Rockstar producer and host of GTA Chatterbox Radio, Lazlow Jones, went again on the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius XM Radio to show off Rockstar's latest release, Max Payne 3. As Lazlow discusses the nuances of the game, he tells the hosts more about his adventurous time in Sao Paolo, Brazil."

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Tornadobounce2369d ago

They should have gone in under the cover of darkness wearing local attire packing silenced ak47s.

DasTier2369d ago

"V rock, home of the vulture!"

God damn vice city was an awesome game.

TheModernKamikaze2369d ago

I listened to all of his radio stations in the GTA series.
I loved that I could understand some of what he says when I was 10, and I relistened to it on YouTube.