Sony Santa Monica not driven by "publisher mentality"

God of War: Ascension is on the way, and with the announcement out there, the hard work begins for Sony Santa Monica.

Shannon Studstill, the studio's head, has spoken about not being bound in chains by Sony, and how this freedom must be capped by time and budget.

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THESONYPS32369d ago

Now thats a good dev- Kev B.

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Why was it tagged xbox360?

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Idk how this got approved without having to remove the XBOX 360 tag.

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Yeah exactly what I was thinking, who approved this... you wish it was coming to 360... LoL.. O_o It's Not!


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Because an Admin submitted it, then approved it himself lol.

N4G is such a shithole

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I reported the submission telling him to remove 360 tag. lmao

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C0MPUT3R2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

SCE has a great track record of supporting their devs, and encouraging risky projects, and New IPs.
Heavy Rain, Flower, Journey, Pixel Junk, LittleBigPlanet, etc.
Having Naughty Dog do New IPs instead of Jak.
Having Sucker Punch do a New IP instead of Sly.
Guerrilla, Santa Monica, & Media Molecule all making new IPs etc.
SCE is one of the few Big Publishers left doing it the right way.

izumo_lee2369d ago

Bubbles up for you!

Totally agree with your assessment on SCE. Heck they even created a 'free to use' middleware engine (Phyre Engine) that developers can use to make games. The engine is free to use IF you publish on a Sony platform which is why so many games are being made for the PS3, PSP & eventually the Vita.

Small Japanese devs like Gust, Idea Factory, From Software use the Phyre Engine. Thatgamecompany used it for their games as well.

Out of the Big 3 i believe Sony supports their developers the best & gives them free reign over their development schedules & ideas.

paddystan2369d ago

It's very good to hear that Sony is not pushing and having limits for their 1st party devs. I still remember when Heavy Rain released (awesome game!) and David Cage said that Sony never stopped believing on Quantic Dream, even though that Heavy Rain was a very risky project. They got a lot of freedom and no kind of limits.

Raoh2369d ago

That's why devs, good devs that love games love working with sony.

Want a money hat? work with microsoft. you will make halo games, maybe something else but it will be limited in input from the dev.

Want to try new things, make advances forward, shake up the genre and take a gamble? work for sony.

want to many mario, zelda and pokemon games? work for nintendo.