The Legacy of the Wii

Dustin Spencer of Capsule Computers writes: This year, Nintendo will reveal the Wii U in it’s final form at E3. There is no telling what we will see for the successor system, and this reveal is sure to raise the most eyebrows at the event as a whole. Sadly, I keep hearing the same thing at almost every place I visit about the Wii, whether it be an online forum, or a local game store. Yeah, you know what it is. “The Wii was a failure”, “It was just a casual console”, and of course “those high sales mean nothing as Nintendo and the other two are in two separate markets”.

There is so much wrong with all three of those statements, and it’s about time us gamers give a little respect for the motion-controlled console that broke more ground than any other platform this generation. It’s a bold statement, but damn is it true. So let’s go over why the Wii was relevant, what good it did for the industry, and while we’re at it, we can kill that myth that there were no good games to play.

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