Day Z - Survive If You Can

We start our story with one question: “What is Day Z?”
The answer is that it is a little gem of a mod (currently in the Alpha stage at the moment) set in the sand-box open world military sim, ARMA II.
Now I know what you’re thinking; “Sandbox, open world? We’ve got Dead Island!”. Correct, you have…but this is a whole different kettle of fish.

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Tristanh822369d ago

Disagree was from a COD fanboy

MAJ0R2369d ago

This game is better than any paid zombie game, and it really shows how much PC mods make a difference in the gaming community.

Tristanh822369d ago

also a plus its Bringing a new crowd to the ARMA series which is always a plus for gaming and for servers

Somebody2369d ago

I already downloaded the mod but too scared to commit. I've read the horror stories from the field. They were...horrifying to read.

No, I don't mean the zombies. It's the real, non-scripted, back-stabbing humans who scare me the most. Zombie just want your brains. Humans just want to screw you over just for a can of beans.

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