PS Vita lineup at E3 2012 is deciding factor

InEnt writes: Counting on E3 2012 for a PlayStation Vita lineup with good games – it’s fair to say we all have a different idea on what “good” games are, but it’s also worth pointing out PS Vita owners, us included, feel a lot more games are needed rather than a price cut to increase the success of Sony’s handheld system. We’ve heard from a few of our readers that state E3 2012 will be the “deciding factor” on whether to buy a PS Vita or not, which purely comes down to an announcement for a good games lineup.

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danswayuk2372d ago

Call of Duty will certainly help PS Vita sales but many other games are needed as well.

Abash2372d ago

Im getting Resistance: Burning Skies next week, then Gravity Rush releases two weeks later.

Vita already has a great line-up for only being out a few months

andibandit2372d ago

A fine lineup indeed, but i'll wait until it gets a exclusive game that i just cant live without. like for example

Uncharted# for PS3
Halo# for 360
Mario for Wii

The PSP also had a great line up, but nothing that was head and shoulders above the rest.

ooquis2372d ago

Don't forget MGS hd collection june 12!

joeorc2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

" but many other games are needed as well."

How many game's are people expecting to be created for retail when the [email protected] system is less than 6 months old?

Its pretty freaking Simple what's causing this and Sony has to rebuild the value of the brand again.

Many people do not want to admit it but it's the Price of every system Sony put's out many think no matter what Sony is over charging for their hardware, content etc. vs EVERY OTHER COMPANY ON THE FREAKING PLANET..LOL. Many view Sony's systems no longer DESERVE The value that Sony has attached to the product's vs once again EVERY other freaking company on the planet...! and many no longer see the value or worth the asking price that Sony offer's for their system's and no real change is going to happen over night about this.

Ever since the PS3 and the negative media that Sony has gathered over the past 5 years warranted or not, the loss in the Value of Sony stock, the idea that Sony may go belly up over night.

Has frankly damaged the viewed value of anything Sony put's out at retail, At this point the damage has been done, many Gamer's who wished for this to happen that wish was granted ever since the $599.00 asking price for the PS3. Remember when people or i should say people are still talking about HOW SONY IS STILL ARROGANT, DOES NOT CARE FOR THE CONSUMER AT ALL! when you have a blog site with over 2 million Hit's on how much they hate anything and everything Sony.

Things like that damage your reputation as a company. the PSVita is by many gamer's seen as over priced, right or wrong that is just the truth, the point of bringing out software any faster than it already has been is quite funny. the system is less than 6 months old on the market and already over 30+ games has been released for the launch window already.

the truth of the matter like it already has Sofar for the past 5 year's Sony has to rebuild the company's brand name back up again and that is going to take year's. Sony knows this, many may say i cannot wait on Sony forever, well than that's just the breaks, you cannot have it both ways. Many Gamer's it seem's always want's it both way's instead of being realistic before the PSVita released the gamer's said it was going to be priced @ over $350.00+ and after Nintendo dropped the price of the Nintendo 3DS many of the very same critic's jumpped up and down about how the price of the PSVita is too much.

like i stated already the Value of Sony product's are based on the pricing of other product's in the market and devalued below those other product's = the value that many place on Sony's product's.

it's going to take quite a bit of time to rebuild the brand name of "Sony" and it's "playstation" brand name but with the support that Sony keep's putting toward the PS3 and the PSVita already, many may disagree but I think they are well on their way of rebuilding their brand name. for example for pulling the PSN down for the response to the hack sony gave out to every PSN account 5 free games, ID theft protection, more free content in playstation Home, 2 free months of PSN+ over the hack.

while the Hack was terrible, the gift's that Sony provided and reinforcement of protection of their network went along way to help rebuild the loss to the consumer, but yet many today still feel Sony needs to take more punishment for their actions against the consumer. over 2 million+ people feel that way, like i stated it will take time to rebuild fences if some can be rebuilt if ever, But Sony is at least trying.

berndogskate2372d ago

So true, i am loving my vita and the system overall!

tr00p3r2372d ago

No YouTube app six months after release.. = pure laziness.

r212372d ago

you make one then, hmmm :L they're still in talks with Adobe to make flash for the vita. just play your vita games till then.

MasterCornholio2372d ago

Actually he could do that with PlayStation suite.


CommonSenseGamer2372d ago

Really not interested until I'm sure the Vita has a future. I got burnt with the Go.

HarvesterOSarow2371d ago

Should have had more Common Sense...

Zeeraq2372d ago

I haven't purchase a Vita yet, I'll purchase it but it'll depend on What Sony have store in for Vita at this Year E3.

Personally I'll like a Monster Hunter,Final Fantasy, Assassins Creed and a GTA For Vita, The first 3 should be original titles and GTA can be San Andreas Stories

HarvesterOSarow2371d ago

I agree with Monster Hunter and FF. Unfortunately SquareEnix backs itself up so much that it probably won't get a title on the Vita for roughly 2 or 3 years. I think their first original PSP game was Crisis Core and that took a few years :( I'm still hoping for a Type 0 on PSN though!

Zeeraq2371d ago

Type-0 on Vita would be cool. Hopefully SE release it.

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