Top Tuesday: 5 games you probably didn't finish

Every gamer has two lists stored inside their heads. One is a list of games that they're hoping to get to, ie games that they may or may not have bought yet, but that they plan on playing 'one day'.

The other is a list of games that they started playing, but just never finished. Strangely enough, for most gamers, that second list is usually longer than the first, and often times the games on the first list inevitably find their way on to the second.

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DesVader2402d ago

Ghosts and Goblins - FINISHED. Lots of coins in the arcade, but it was worth it. Biggest regret: Not finishing ME2, when I finished ME1 and ME3.

granthinds2402d ago

Loved BattleToads! But now that i recall it, i can't remember finishing it...

DesVader2402d ago

Of course there are some games that you just DON'T want to finish but that is a subject of another article :)

Hashman2402d ago

Ghost and Goblins - Finished. TMNT - Finished.. played Battletoads but never finished... LA Noire - bleh

DesVader2402d ago

Any ones you regret not finishing?

ringojelly2402d ago

Meh is a perfect description for L.A. Slavery

ringojelly2402d ago

Battletoads NES (Finished including Battletoads + Double Dragon)

L.A. Noire (never bothered to buy it)

Ghost and Goblins (Only played the arcade version and never finished that coin guzzler)

TMNT NES (Finished every single pre 2000 TMNT)

Dark Souls ("Finished" but you are never truly done)

Choc_Salties2401d ago

Man i hated TMNT, always tried to finish it but it was sooooo damn hard!!

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