Trick or treat? OXCGN interviews Jennifer Lane for Katy Perry’s ‘Sweet Treats’ Sims expansion


"Thanks to EA Australia I had the chance to have a ‘short and sweet’ (no pun intended) Skype video/voice call with Jennifer Lane, Sims Guru and Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats Producer.

Despite the negative criticism towards the pack which has been addressed in the Live Chat back in April, I strayed away from asking any questions of this manner and focused on the pack itself and what it meant for players."

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gaminoz2372d ago

Do people really buy this stuff for their Sims?

Oh I guess people buy stuff for their Xbox avatars, so this isn't too different...

dark-hollow2372d ago

its not too different from people who buy skins in some fighting games.

BadCircuit2372d ago

Ummm, virtual stuff for real money.

Not a fan.

DeusExer2372d ago

While I'm not a big fan of add-on components like this, at least consumers know that the developers are putting in time and effort for this, instead of simply slapping on some new textures, rehashing models, in order to rush it out the door ASAP.

Belgavion2372d ago

where's the Gaga add-on?

DeusExer2372d ago

I'm pretty sure they are releasing that alongside the One Direction pack, which constantly swamps your character with hundreds of screaming teenage girls.

TheModernKamikaze2372d ago

oooooo as well as the Justin Bieber add-on?