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MP1st - "It’s been exactly 5 years since we last saw a Ghost Recon title on consoles. When Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was first announced back in 2010, you could just see the hype meter skyrocket across the internet. The Ghost Recon series has been among one of the most beloved shooter franchises ever, and rightfully so. Given the success that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 had, and how much they were loved by fans, everyone was excited to see what Ubisoft had in store for a future Ghost Recon title. Well, that title is here, and let me tell you, it’s a good one."

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Fil1012338d ago

Pretty good read though I have to wait till friday before picking my copy up as I live in the UK.

Reborn2338d ago

Not if shopto have something to say about that.

Still, looking forward to it.

Gigawatt252338d ago

This is fucking stupid! Just review the damn game as a whole. No need for a separate single player and multiplayer review.

Criminal2338d ago

MP1st will not have two separate reviews. The site is only concerned with multiplayer, so this is the only review. I'm sure there will be a surplus of SP focused reviews for you to read later on today.


Zha1tan2338d ago

Your jimmies,

It would appear they have been rustled.

synchroscheme2338d ago

Still gotta wait until next month for PC. :(

CoolBeansRus2338d ago

YES! I'm waiting for a PC review. Will probably score better in the graphics department.

Yomaster2338d ago

Pretty solid review. Looking forward to playing it this afternoon!