Bungie: Well, that just happened…

Bungie wrote: "So, yeah. While we’re not ready to show you what we’ve been working on, we can reconfirm that we are hard at work on our new universe. We can’t wait for you to see it."

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OmegaSlayer1919d ago

Releasing the first chapter of a story as an exclusive kills the future of the game on the other console.
Timed exclusivity might save the day.

sack_boi1919d ago

So now we have rumors that Rare, Lionhead, Epic, Crytek, Turn 10, and Bungie are working on next-gen Xbox games.

extermin8or1919d ago

yeah but we already know some not bound by contrace are planning to go multiplatform not stay exclusive whereas ALL the sony 1st party devs of which there are many HAVE to stay ps3 exclusive because sony own them (well they could make crossplatform games but only if sony said so and why would they?) Anyway I shall base my purchase on the pricing, value for money, the specs of the machine and if it's future proof and then any CONFIRMED exclusive games :P

nevercloser071919d ago

@ Sack_boi

I don't understand... shouldn't we expect video game development companies to be working on games for the next video game consoles?

That's like saying - man, next year's PCs look really good because Adobe, Google, etc are rumored to be working on stuff for them.

KwietStorm1918d ago

Or they could just release it at the same time..

JellyJelly1918d ago

@extermin8or - Defensive much? Jeez...

ilikestuff1918d ago

kinda dumb, bungie could double their fan base, a lot of ps3'ers are going to be jagged about this. only way i buy a game delayed for money is if it has a lot of extra content.... or if its amazing. or ill just buy it used to stick it to them

GraveLord1918d ago

How about a simultaneous release?
Timed-exclusive isn't saving anything. In fact, it alienates a huge part of the PS3 core gaming community.

Double the platforms = Double the hype = Double the sales

EVILDEAD3601918d ago

Hopefully they will pull back the curtain at E3..

I'm a huge Bungie fan

Bungie has spent a decade on the Xbox and know the Xbox 360 better than any developer out there.

It'll be interesting to see what they pull off this late in the 360s cycle.

I love how Bungie didn't make a big deal about the reveal.


MaxXAttaxX1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

So that's either a smart move or dumb.

EVILDEAD3601918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

'They did it to not compete with all the other PS3 Exclusives coming out' one exclusive Bungie has EVER been scared of..especially this gen.

Sony got some cool games that we all speculate will come out..but a Bungie shooter being scared of 'Last of Us' or even 'Last Guardian' not gonna happen. Completely different lanes. Bungie owns MP..Xbox Live was perfect for them to reconvene where they left off post Halo..


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Jazz41081919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Let me guess the game isn't releasing on your system of choice or you would sing a diffrent tune. I hope ms does this with a lot of 3rd party games next gen and make the competiton wait as the comments on here are priceless. It could be sonys studios vs the 3rd party studios on the 720 that put content on ms system first. Its not a bad idea and ms has the cash to do it where sony barely can keep there doors open.

OmegaSlayer1919d ago

Man, third party studios just hurt theirselves with exclusives, especially if they want to build an IP.
Third parties have the best selling franchises (GTA, COD, AC) and cost lots to develope.

I prefer to share a game with another console (or 2) even having the worse developed version, than seeing a studio shut down or in troubles.

GameOn1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Depends on the quality of thw game look at mass effect and demon souls.

pandaboy1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Microsoft are just extremely apt at running a business. From a gamers perspective Sony are the better company, but microsoft are just brutal in their tactics for winning the gaming market. They could really crush the playstation4 next gen with third party exclusivity combined with their own gimmicks that will also win over the casual market.

extermin8or1919d ago

@pandaboy yeah they did that this time around and the only place that it's paid of in terms of market share is the usa? :S Ironically nintendo have a larger portion than both sony and MS :p

P_Bomb1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Sony has no issues keeping their *videogame* door open though, Jazz. It's among their more successful lines.

It's why they can afford 15+ studios and exclusive 3rd party support this gen' from the likes of EA (DeadSpace,Dante's,MOH,NFS ,SSX) Valve (Portal2), Ubisoft (SC/PoP HD, AC), 2K Games (BioShock Infinite), Warners (MortalKombat), Rocksteady (Arkham Asylum), Rockstar (LA Noire) plus a new handheld.

3rd party exclusivity as a whole has been waning and will continue to do so. With all the console exclusive 3rd party series MS lost this gen (Saints Row, BioShock, Metro, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Mass Effect, FarCry, AceCombat, StarOcean, GTA DLC etc) and lost Arcade exclusives like CastleCrashers, Limbo and Braid...there's no trends indicating MS will suddenly pull a 180 and monopolise anything other than apps.

Edward751918d ago

@P_bomb ...

They can afford to keep all those studios but can't afford to keep their own employees. Sony isn't just a gaming company like many of us like to think.

P_Bomb1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )


Neither is MS, which makes the initial dig a bit unnecessary. Microsoft started its own 5000 person layoff in 2009 and more recently cut another 200 people in February http://www.huffingtonpost.c... .

The focus should be gaming divisions here, not the failures of Zunes and Vaios. *shrugs*

badz1491918d ago

"It could be sonys studios vs the 3rd party studios on the 720"

that's just SAD! what makes you think that 3rd parties will start making games exclusively for MS? Bungie has a history with MS and AV is sleeping in bed together with MS over CoD thus it makes sense that they will make some exclusive deal with MS but that's all about it! hoping for EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Take 2, KONAMI, Namco Bandai, Disney etc to make the same move is just pure naive when no other games have sold as much as CoD and alienating the Sony crowd will only hurt themselves!

NCAzrael1918d ago


It's so nice when gamers can come together in support of one another in times like this. Wouldn't it be a dick move for some asshole to rub something like this in the face of someone who doesn't prefer the console the game is being released on first? 'Cause we're all gamers, right? And we are all entitled to our opinion about what we play games on, right? Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that competition breeds better products. Or that wishing for one company to fail, thus forcing all of its paying customers to have to spend even more money on someone else's product, is the mark of a true asshole.

By the way, all of that up there, total sarcasm. 3rd party exclusives are bullshit, and anyone who supports them should question why they consider themselves gamers.

prettyboy121918d ago

dude first off u couldnt be more wrong,if anything ms is down in there game division yet again by 200 mill.where as sony is a whole company that pretty much splits there income whether it be tvs labtops hell there movie how bout getting some facts before assuming or is that why u only have 1 bubble?!

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dark-hollow1919d ago

trust me if this game succeed activision will start their milking machines.

WitWolfy1919d ago

Dude its not a matter of "if" its a matter of when... Remember this is Bungie we're talking about here....

RockmanII71919d ago

The contract states a new game every other year (2013/2015/2017/2019) and an expansion the year after the game releases (2014/2016/2018/2020). So if you count an expansion as a game, Bungie will be making a new game every year for 8 years.

Sevir1918d ago

sells 5 million in the first six months on the market and scores 90 or above on game rankings online if not the bonus and the publishing deal for 10 years is void!

STONEY41918d ago

It's also expected to be an MMO. I don't know how Activision expects an exclusive MMO to sell more than 5 million in 6 months. Most multiplatform games don't even sell that much, and MMOs don't tend to do well on consoles. The only saving grace is that it's developed by Bungie.

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IRetrouk1919d ago

No, just the dlc, and look how that turned out.

NAGNEWS1919d ago

game is called Tiger and its multiplat game

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IaMs121919d ago

Well if sony wants to combat the timed exclusiveness of the games they can release the PS4 around the time the time exclusive contracts are up. Kind of like what happened this gen.

aceitman1918d ago

confused , microsoft let them go . then bungie does an exclusive game for ms. doesnt make sense . to me its just dumb.

SixZeroFour1918d ago

MS didnt let them go, Bungie wanted independance from MS and MS gave it to them...Bungie have stated that there is no ill will towards MS, they just wanted more options