Skyward Sword's Ending: An Explanation for the Paradox

Since the release of Skyward Sword, fans have been debating and theorizing about how certain events throughout the game, especially the ending, can be reconciled with the rest of the story. Zelda Informer’s own Alex Plant wrote a great article last November with his theories and interpretations about the ending. Although the debate around Skyward Sword has quieted in the months since it’s release, I’d like to propose my own theory for how the ending can be reconciled with the rest of the game. Obviously this article will contain spoilers, so be warned if you haven’t played this masterpiece yet.

So, as Alex lays out so well in his article, the time travel in Skyward Sword is the type that fulfills the future rather than changing it. Fate is inevitable and Link was predestined to do everything in the present so he could travel into the past and defeat Demise, something that had already happened thousands of years before the game began (time travel makes my head hurt). Throughout the game, there are hints that the characters’ actions in the past have already happened. For example, you can see Zelda crystalized in the Sealed Temple the first time you go these. Also, Impa has the bracelet Zelda gave her in the past throughout the entire game.

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