Kevin McCullough Defends His Blog Postings On Air

Kevin McCullough defends his blog postings on air fielding phone calls from upset gamers over his misrepresentation of Mass Effect's sexual content and gameplay.

The discussion starts right from the get-go.

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ry-guy3962d ago

I believe one of the best moments from this podcast is when a caller is questioned about purchasing video games for minors.

"If you find a 15-year-old with a 6-pack of beer you don't go blaming Budweiser."

Followed by 5 seconds of silence.


Skerj3962d ago

Trying to help society become a better place? Ninja please, he's trying to get hits to his site and radio show and fame by resorting to sensationalism. It's an age old tale and I'm not being fooled by his "noble" causes here. People writing half assed articles about stuff they truly don't know of? Yeah that's new.

Woo M rated = it's for 15 year olds. The 17 and up on the box be damned. Like most of the "crusaders" for kids, he's shirking parental control off on the game industry. He SAYS he controls the content for his kids, but I'm doubting that commitment to sparkle motion. His own son snuck one in under his radar, how is that the game developer's fault? He's asking how it got into the hands of 15 year olds, hell how'd you let your damn son get it?

I wish I had known this was airing, because I would have called and reamed that guy.

ry-guy3962d ago

Whoops. Wrong window.

mccomber3962d ago

but I've already got a bit of a headache. His arguments have little basis in reality anyway, and the only thing he proves is how quickly an idiot with a keyboard can generate hits on his website.

Chubear3962d ago

Wow, the dude got his butt handed to him. XD I dont care what anyone says, Ignorance is not bliss.

Fezthebest3962d ago

lol i just heard the first caller, and she just owned him, she just straight out told him that hes doing this for hits on the page, and he agreed lol. The Guy has no clue about Mass Effect or fantasy RPG

Gish3962d ago

Wow I never knew how wonderful Xbox was before. I will buy 1 for me, and all the kids in my family now so they can experience pure heaven.

(Actually would like an xbox)