Nintendo plans virtual wall of E3 coverage, wants no eyeball left behind

What will you be doing on June 5 at noon ET? Nintendo sure hopes your answer to that question revolves around its impending E3 2012 press conference, and it's got a whole bevy of options should that be the case. Beyond partnering with Viacom to broadcast the show live (and commercial-free) on Spike TV and MTV2 (there's still an MTV2?!?!), Nintendo will offer the conference via internet on its usual E3 site.

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browngamer412371d ago

I'm sure it's because they have a lot of amazing stuff in store!

Zeeraq2371d ago

Nintendo Conference will be awesome, I can't wait to look at the first 8th Gen Home Console.

123_3212371d ago

"What will you be doing on
June 5 at noon ET?"
He'll be phoning home, that's what. :-)

Apex132371d ago

I think it's good advertising and marketing. Why did they not do Time Square too? I am from London and I know Time Square is the ishhhh

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