Rumor: Wii U's Revolutionary Gamer Card Feature Detailed

Dual Pixels - Not long ago, we told you that Nintendo has a nifty new 3DS esque Street Pass feature coming to the Wii U via, what developers have been calling, the "Gamer Card".

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iigameu2399d ago

hmmm very interesting indeed! :) would love to see this become true!!!

MattyG2399d ago

Sooooo... a white PokeWalker??

--Onilink--2399d ago

sooooo.... out of everything the article said, you could only saw a photoshop that the website did as a mock device

user54670072399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Seems too gimmick like for my tastes

I mean thats going to break, get lost, get scratched and at the end of the day if they are really trying to make this a core machine I really don't see how this gets that message across.

It still seems like they don't know what audience they are going for yet despite saying they want the Wii U to be core.

I mean as a core gamer carrying one of these round is the last thing I would do, let alone remember.

dark-hollow2399d ago

bleh.. "core" "casual"

i find the overuse of these terms insulting to most gamers.

who are we to divide people into separate into different categories with blanket terms?

user54670072399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

"who are we to divide people into separate into different categories with blanket terms?"


We didn't do anything, the industry did that for us.

As soon as the Wii came out in 2006 the terms core and casual were brought up and stuck.

Gamers had nothing to do with that, just going along with the obvious really. I mean it's not like at the time we or even developers were going to class something like Cooking Mama Wii a game for gamers...but more towards the new audience Nintendo were reeling in. Thats where people started to go along with it and it looks like it's stuck.

It just happened...

shackdaddy2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

God, I hate this gen. There used to be plenty of games back in the previous gens that would be deemed "casual" today. But you know what, no one cared. Now we have little kiddies running around the web trying to act like they're in this elite group just because they play a certain type of game. It's extremely stupid...

If you play games then you play games. End of story.

dark-hollow2399d ago

couldn't say it any better

i play games from battlefield to dark souls to harvest moon. 3d and kinnect is a gimmick for me but yet i totally love motion controls like wiimote and move.

in which crowd do i fall in?


Definetely the biggest let-down of this whole genre, we wasting time over this matter.

"I mean as a core gamer carrying one of these round is the last thing I would do, let alone remember."

Did I just readed that hardcore gamers should be too cool to be around with a gaming related object (if I got you right MikeCosgrove, don't know if I did)?

I'm not saying that only the crazy nostalgic Ninty diehard fans are hardcore gamers either. But definetely, people that play the whole day to the point they carry those poke walkers around should fit the club.

At the same time, can we consider someone willing to get caught spenting work time playing farmville a hardcore? I don't think so, but than again, why not? They are probably spending more time than me playing games!

In fact I know some people who used to be way too hardcore in the SNES who just grew unsatisfied of the overly-complex games and turned to flash games and motion games. Are those gaming grandpa types not hardcore too?

Or is it that what defines a casual and a hardcore isn't the commitment one takes to gaming? Is it the kind of games we play? If so, who's telling what's hardcore or not?

Maybe it's the media and industry that came up with the abuse of hardcore and casual terms, but it's definetely us who readed it the way it were more convenient...

We are every forgetting that a game, a console, a controller or an accessory can't be either casual or hardcore, the gamer is.

ChickeyCantor2399d ago

"Gamers had nothing to do with that, just going along with the obvious really."

Then why condemn this idea gimmicky and bound to fail?
The idea of a portable "gamers-card" seems like an inevitable step.

hellztourguide4202398d ago

If i had to define what a "casual" or "hardcore" gamer was, i guess i would say that a "casual" gamer just plays video games to pass the time and doesnt really play every day or anything...and a "hardcore" gamer is one who loves playing games and does so hours on end. The types of games we play dont define what kind of gamer we are.

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mamotte2399d ago

You make it sound like somebody will make you buy one with a gun in your head. Just dont buy it. Problem?

mshope102399d ago

That's not a real pic and I love getting street passes with my 3ds and I'm a core adult Gamer.but it would cool if I could just use 3ds for this.and for people who don't want 3ds but do want wii u they could use this.

C0MPUT3R2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

So is Nintendo trying to make a handheld or a console?

--Onilink--2399d ago

it wouldnt hurt to actually read the article, so at least your trolling comments make some sense... just because you are trolling doesnt mean there is a smarter way to do it

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