Ghost Recon, Better or Gimmicky with Kinect?

Ghost Recon:Future Soldier will be released soon with Kinect support. Though is this why you are getting it?

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AusRogo2372d ago

Using it to play the game looks utter shit. Only reason to use kinect on this is for Gunsmith.

PrisonedBeast2372d ago

Could not agree more but even then I don't think it will be that easy as the tech demo.

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Gigawatt252372d ago

Gimmicky for all aspects even gunsmith. Looks stupid as hell.

andibandit2372d ago

Not getting it, played the Beta and i can honestly say, i havent played anything as bad in 8 years.
My impression is that the game needed another year of work or so, not a month.

Yomaster2372d ago

I'll only go as far into the Kinect features and toying around with Gunsmith for a few minutes. Camera motion-sensing tech just isn't up to par with everything else.

Check this out, though. I have a feeling this technology will be hitting consoles in the next few years:

It's some sort of cameraless motion sensing tech for home computers that launches this winter. Check out the demo vid. This thing looks awesome!

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