Max Payne 3 did not Outsell Diablo III in the UK

Despite reports swirling around on the Internet that Max Payne 3 outsold Diablo III in the United Kingdom, a little further investigating reveals that this is not the case at all.

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bub162402d ago

from my understanding console games always outsell PC

NeoTribe2402d ago

99% of the time your right, but this is blizzard were talkin about.

Chucky20032402d ago

what a stupid way to think "this is blizzard were talkin about",wow so if its Blizzard what???,last time i checked people were buying games,not Blizzard

JKelloggs2402d ago

I wouldn't of thought that tbh

LOGICWINS2402d ago

I live in the U.S. and all copies of Diablo 3 are sold out at my local Bestbuy...while there are plenty of copies of Max Payne 3 on the shelves. It's to the point that if you call certain Bestbuy's, before even asking you what your calling about, theres a voice message that says "All Collector's Edition copies of Diablo 3 are sold out".

GraveLord2402d ago

Uh, yes it did.

The report said specifically that digital downloads WERE NOT taken into account and that if they were, Diablo 3 would have easily outsold Max Payne 3.

That UK chart shows only retail sales and they stated so in the latest UK chart.

So, yes the original report is 100% accurate.

2402d ago
ninavoljic2401d ago

1) Digital downloads weren't included on the list. (Remember those 2 million people who pre-ordered D3?)

2) The list only happens on UK charts alone

3) MP3 = X360 / PS3 while D3 = PC Only.

Those three reasons would suggest Diablo easily trounces MP3 in terms of sales in Europe and worldwide per platform division.