The Cancelled Games That Could Have Been Awesome

Nathan Braudrick of Bagogames: Sometimes great video game ideas just don’t get to see the light of day. For whatever reason, certain games that have fantastic potential become the victim of the axe and consumers like you and I never get to try them out. Every console generation sees its share of cancelled games and our current generation is no exception. There’s not enough time to discuss every single one of them but here is a quick rundown of some current generation games that never made it to retail that I feel could have been promising.

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Bagogames2402d ago

A Dirty Harry game would only have worked with the total blessing and cooperation of one Clint Eastwood. Had it gotten that, then by gawd that would have been one hell of a retro movie tie in...

As it is, I guess L.A Noire is as close as we're going to get. Time and genre wise that is.

Rediculamal2402d ago

That man crush on good ol' Clint hasn't0 eased off any I see. <,<

Bagogames2402d ago

Not in the slightest. :3

Ser2402d ago

If any man is deserving of another man's crush, it's Clint Eastwood.

CrzyFooL2402d ago

I guess the publishers weren't feeling very lucky... punk?

2401d ago
Fairchild Channel F2401d ago

"Speaking of whale shit, what have you turned up Briggs?"

Best Dirty Harry line ever lol

morganfell2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Actually Eastwood did bless the project as he was going to provide the voice over and the studio would use video capture animation duplicating Eastwood's movements taken directly from the early films. Also on board was Lalo Schfrin to provide his one of a kind music. Too bad it was canned.


My favorite line was

"You forgot your fortune cookie."

The robber turns around asking what was just said.

Harry crumbles the cookie with one hand and reads it to the armed man, "It says, you're sh*t outta luck" and then he shoots the guy.

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manlypile2402d ago

Guillermo del Toro's Sundown is the one that bothers me the most. The man is a visual genius and I think a video game with him on board would be fantastic! At least we have inSane to look forward to.

Bagogames2402d ago

If the game is only half as incredible as Pan's Labyrinth it'll be one of the greatest games of all time.

No, freaking, argument.

NukaCola2402d ago

del Toro is brilliant. I heard from an N4G posted article a couple weeks ago that inSANE was cancelled.

Also, if you are really into the seemingly Spanish Mythological Fantasy, Castlevania Lords of Shadow is developed by a Spanish team and the artwork, themes and over all design is 100% del Toro. I believe even it's goat god is named Pan. Check it out.

Ser2402d ago

^ Agreed.

Loved Lords of Shadow for all of the reasons you stated.

WeskerChildReborned2402d ago

The people who worked on Batman Begins should have worked on the Dark Knight cause Batman Begins was a solid movie tie in game.

Bagogames2402d ago

Hmm well, kind, maybe but not so sure.

I had a good concept, using fear and the environment to terrify enemies into submission but it didn't really show the whole 'Worlds Greatest Detective' and 'Martial Arts Master' sides of Batman that Arkham City and the movies demonstrated.

Unrelated note, how much longer until The Dark Knight Rises rolls into town? I don't know how much more waiting I can take...

BlackTar1872401d ago

I was pleasantly surprised with batman begins enjoyed it a ton. would play it again if i ever came across it at best buy for Under $5

TheColbertinator2402d ago

A video game that interested me back in 2005 called "Snow".It was being made by Take 2 and the concept was working your way up as a drug kingpin from a small time dealer.Apparently you could bribe cops,change the amount of drugs you shipped,make deals etc etc.

The only game with a similar concept to it is Grand Theft Auto:Chinatown Wars

Rediculamal2402d ago

That sounds interesting enough to warrant a google consultation...

God damn picky politicians getting so fussy about a game. You think if they cared so much they'd be cleaning up the actual drug problem on their streets, not a game about it.

TheColbertinator2402d ago

True enough.I think "Snow" should get a revival on Steam or something.The concept is small enough to make a decent game out of it.

SnakePlissken2402d ago

A Dirty Harry game wouldve been awesome! Thats really too bad. Also, Escape from NY was scrapped too. Extremely bummed about that one. Namco was going to do it. Now, why the hell did they scrap my game?

Ajoyshop2402d ago

I second Dirty Harry being awesome. I literally have Gran Torino on a non-stop replay. Clint Eastwood is the best actor ever.

Rediculamal2402d ago

Something you and Jack have in common then. >.<

An Escape from New York game? Couldn't we just give it to Kojima and tell him to make Metal Gear Solid 5?

Morgue2401d ago

Because of the surfing scene with Peter Fonda in Escape From LA.

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