Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Cheat Code Central Review

By Matt Cabral:

"If you're a fan of the tried-and-true action-RPG formula, then this one won't disappoint. However, if you've never understood the satisfaction of slogging through demon-filled dungeons or, more importantly, never stayed up until the sun creeps through the cracks of your drawn blinds in hopes of seeing 'Level Up' pop-up on the screen just one more time, then this may not be your cup of mead."

Rating (out of 5):

• Graphics: 3.5 - Environments are a bit bland, but character designs are impressive.

• Control: 4.0 - Simple and straightforward with free camera control.

• Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting: 3.0 - Score is a mixed bag. Voice-overs are minimal but quality.

• Play Value: 3.5 - Simple, fun, fast-paced hacking and slashing (even better in co-op). Can grow repetitive. RPG elements could have been implemented better.

• Overall Rating: 3.8 - Good

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