Can Aliens: Colonial Marines Free Itself from Prometheus' Shadow? (1UP)

"With the runaway success of 2009's Borderlands, Dallas-based developer Gearbox created a reputation for itself as more than just the studio behind a few Half-Life expansions or WW2 shooters, but one capable of offering its own serious creative output. With the long-in-development Aliens: Colonial Marines finally set for release early next year, Gearbox's latest trailer is capitalizing on the film franchise's return to theaters with next month's prequel-in-all-but-name, Prometheus.", writes 1Up.

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wallis2369d ago

Arkham asylum did it - why not aliens colonial marines?

fossilfern2369d ago

I thought the two games would of went hand in hand. People watch Prometheus and then get the mood for more Aliens and pick up the blu ray collection of the films or the Game!

Excalibur2369d ago

Why would it?
Prometheus comes out next month, Aliens: Colonel marines Comes out February of next year.

Gen0ne2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Was gonna add my two cents on the matter, but you summed it up quite nicely. To you I say "Yup"

stuntman_mike2369d ago

also they are all part of the same story. the game is actual canon material so why would it want or be in prometheus's shadow?