The truth behind doctored screenshots

Doctored screenshots make games look better, but they can also be frustrating. GamePro speaks with industry insiders to expose the secrets of the infamous practice.

Faked, enhanced, or otherwise augmented screenshots are commonly called "bullshots." Their intent is to make a game look more appealing than it actually is, and their occurrence has largely existed since video games were first commercialized. So are bullshots misleading or just good marketing?

"Exceptionally misleading," says Steven Kent, author of The Ultimate History of Video Games. But that doesn't mean Kent wouldn't employ the practice were he a game publisher. "It's kind of like negative campaigning in politics," he says. "Everybody hates it, nobody respects it, but it's the upstanding guy who won't stoop that gets blasted." In other words, bullshots are a harsh reality.

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CeruleanSky3987d ago

Killzone 2??? LOL!

Get this Xbox fanboy garbage out of here. Stop crying over how Gorilla Games absolutely nailed their real time/gameplay footage that all the Xbox fans were trying to claim wouldn't be possible until the PS4.

If there is one game/engine that epitomizes 'bullshot' this generation it is Epic's Unreal Engine 3 with Gears of War and Unreal Tournament and almost every other UE3 engine game.

drewdrakes3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Well the devs admitted that some Killzone 2 screenshots were doctored, so you can go hide under a rock there...but its not like its a big deal, its just some colours. Something that could be done in game.

Also, i dont think a blind person (im assuming youre blind based on your comments about Unreal Engine 3) should be judging graphics, thanks.

Edit: Btw...

Edit to below:
I agree. Killzone 2 is the best looking game so far (Between that and Crysis, and Warhound is looking good). Doesnt mean the guy above me isnt wrong though, they did doctor screenshots.

mighty_douche3987d ago

Screens are for 48k modems.

Video is the only why to judge a game, and frankly, the KZ2 footage is f*cking amazing and well over 6 months old.

Dlacy13g3987d ago

Just crazy to see that woman transformed like that!

As for screen doctoring...its been in practice for a long time. Started more innocently by showing only cutscenes during commercials to make it look better than the game play...but has evolved to manipulating in game shots to make them just that much better.

Its dirty, its decieving... its sadly reality.

Mr Tretton3987d ago

Pick up the box of any game you've ever owned, look at the screenshots on the back....

Doctored. This is nothing new. And who cares. Everything looks better in motion anyway.

Mr Tretton3987d ago

"But it wasn't the first time Guerrilla Games had altered the game's appearance, either. Killzone 2's debut trailer, shown in 2005, looked a lot more glamorous than it did two years later when proper gameplay was shown at E3."

Dumbass. For the millionth time, that was just a prerenderd conceptual of what they were going to try and make. Of course they aren't going to limit it because they want it to look cool. They're artists.

The 2007 KZ2 footage looks better anyway.

xhi43987d ago

E3 gameplay was still a very early pre-pre-alpha version. The recently released screenshots are from the newer build. For example, look at the shape of the weapon sight in the E3 build, then at the more recent build. It's different..........not doctrined but rather a newer version.

I hate it when people twist things.

Mr Tretton3987d ago

'pre-pre-alpha'......that's like a double oxymoron.

Just to let you know. There is no such thing. The earlier build is 'alpha'. The beginning. Not the beginning before the beginning before the beginning. That = KZ2 not existing.

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