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Hufandpuf2397d ago

"The contract also specifies that the first game is a timed Xbox exclusive, created for the Xbox 360 as well as potentially for its still-unnamed successor, called the "Xbox 720" in the documentation. It could then later be released for PlayStation in 2014. In addition to the Xbox, later games could also be released for the PS3 or its successor console, as well as for PC."

Wait so instead of timed exclusive DLC, they are making timed exclusive games now?

sack_boi2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

The first game is a X360/X720 exclusive. They're "considering" a PS3/PS4 port in 2014. get your facts straight (Neogaf). Why are you mad anyway? Just get a X360/X720 if you want the game that badly.

van-essa2397d ago

Haha go check on Neogaf; people are mad angry about the Microsoft exclusivity. It's FFXIII all over again. LMAO

MrBeatdown2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

"The first Destiny game will initially only be available on Microsoft's Xbox 360 consoles, as well as its potential successor, which the contract refers to as the "Xbox 720."

I think the key word here is "initially".

Plus, he's quoting Kotaku, which I originally had as the source, and they clearly say timed without elaborating.

van-essa2397d ago

Well, "initially" like at least a year exclusivity, since they say they're "considering" porting the game to the PS3 and it's successor some time in 2014. Sad though, I wish it was multiplat.

WeskerChildReborned2397d ago

I hope if they do it, it's not a bad port cause i can't stand bad ports lol or i'll just by the next gen console even though i was planning already to get both next gen consoles.

F7U122397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

If you don't want this sort of thing to continue then don't support publishers like Activision. I won't be buying any Bungie made games or Acts.

Problem over.

EVILDEAD3602397d ago

So basically this Bungie game is basically an Xbox 360 exclusive this gen. If this is true the the game was to be announced at this years E3. It will then be playable at next years E3 and will probably get a Fall 2013 release.

No wonder Micrsoft is saying the 360 console life is extended.

343s Halo 4 in 2012/ Activision Black Ops 2

Acivision will literally own 2013

Destine Fall 2013 & Modern Warfare 4

Xbox 720 releases 2014

Literally Halo 5 & 6 and Destine's next 3 games.

No developer knows the 360 like Bungie it makes sense for them to stay home with the 360 and the game will get a Halo Level of attention from both Activision and Microsoft...

Wow..the plot thickens...can't wait to see if this goes down at E3..Megaton leakage


DragonKnight2397d ago

@Evildead360: Wow, did you re-read what you typed? Did you really just say all that? I hope you didn't have a straight face behind your monitor when you typed it. Seriously dude, MS isn't going to reward you, nor will Activision or Bungie, nor will anyone here. The plot thickens? Really?

OT: The thing to remember is that A)Do PS users really want an Acti/Bungie game? B)If it comes to the PS3, Sony forces added content/upgrades for timed exclusives or they won't allow it on the system period. And C)Do you honestly think that it will be anything of REAL note? Halo was Bungie's livelihood. They didn't do ANYTHING else after starting the franchise. Sure, they had Marathon before Halo, but as soon as they started the Halo franchise they haven't worked on anything else. Don't get excited for a rumour, and don't get your hopes up over a game that is most likely just going to be a Halo clone.

BrutallyBlunt2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )


"A)Do PS users really want an Acti/Bungie game?"

What a dumb thing to say. In fact it may be the dumbest thing I heard all week. Why wouldn't Playstation owners want a Acti/Bungie game? Did you get in a car accident this weekend and forget that Call of Duty is the most popular franchise on the Playstation? Did you also forget how Sony invested heavily in franchises like Killzone to counter Halo? Don't shooters sell on the Playstation? Of course they do.

When you look at software sales each month the two consoles often share the same games and are roughly close to each other in sales.

When is this portion of the N4G community going to grow up and start seeing how both systems can and will co-exist with one another and can be enjoyed by both parties? There is no reason to try and segregate the two platforms and divide the communities when they share the same games and the same experiences.

XBOX 360 owners would love games like Uncharted as well, they are not as different of a gamer as some people on here want others to believe.

DragonKnight2397d ago

@LevelHead: Classic case of "someone beat up your mom" response. You take things way too seriously for someone with the name "LevelHead." The question you SHOULD be asking yourself is why would PS owners want second hand experiences? Why would PS owners want any Bungie game with Activisions hands all over it? Why would ANYONE want it after reading what Activision demands of the game? Activision is forcing Bungie to go the CoD meets Halo route. Who wants that? Why the hell would you want another cookie cutter shooter? Clearly the game that Bungie is making for Activision is NOT the game they wanted to make and the deal is obviously between Activision and MS and has little to do with Bungie.

Why the hell would you bring up CoD as though that's a GOOD thing? Of course any company would invest money to get CoD's success, that's just common sense, but have you bothered to pay attention to what people complain about with CoD? Do you think anyone would want Bungie to become like Treyarch and Infinity Ward? Do you want another steaming pile of mainstream trash or do you want something truly unique and real?

Whatever "LevelHead." Clearly you saw in my comment an attack that you wanted to see as though I personally insulted your family or something. If that floats your boat, all the power to you, but thanks to having 2 bubbles I don't have to bother responding to a person like you once this is posted.

EVILDEAD3602397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

@ Dragonknight

'Whatever "LevelHead." Clearly you saw in my comment an attack that you wanted to see as though I personally insulted your family or something'

LMFAO @ This flaming hypocrisy..

You just wrote the most [email protected] response to me just speculating the timeline of the rumored game releases then you go on and cry pretending that PS3 owners fit into your fan goggles buying preference.

Level head is 100% correct in bringing up that Call of Duty is the #1 selling PS3 franchise by far. Your on drugs if you think they will ignore a Bungie made shooter that everyone pretended they wanted prior to hearing this

Your crying because I wrote the plot thickens?? Once again can't wait till E3 to see if this is how it will go down.

Classic fail..


miyamoto2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

To PS3 fans who are quick to hate and over react:

calm down.

This exclusivity business that has been going on for years is M$'s business not yours.

M$ has $1,000 for every $1 Sony has! And that's a fact.

But mind you what has it done to Sony PS3?

Only a few million units lead and most of them recalled or replacement units for RRODed XBOX 360.

Its a fact that this years exclusivity deals between Activision and M$ has worked well particularly on the USA not so much world wide.

Did this practice knocked Sony PS3 out of the game?

Remember Activision has a longer success history with PlayStation than Xbox 360.

CEO Jack Tretton is still an Activision Guy.

Microsoft paying millions for Activision exclusivity is SOP since the NES days. You can not do any thing about it.
Even if you boycott them.

Besides, don't PS3 fanboys have enough exclusives & shooter's to play on PS3 & aren't you content with the FPS servings served you every month?

Let xboxers play 360 games & PS3 gamers play PS3 type games.

Don't be greedy.

Be content.

Don't hate.

Be happy Sony serves you different variety games not just shooters everyday.

CommonSense2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

"M$ has $1,000 for every $1 Sony has! And that's a fact."

might wanna look up the word fact.

As of May 21st, MS has a market cap value just slightly under 250 billion. Sony is just over 14 billion.

now, MS is worth alot more, and sony has been on a massive decline, but 1000 to 1 is a tremendous exaggeration. it's closer to 17:1

"Let xboxers play 360 games & PS3 gamers play PS3 type games."

you have no idea what type of shooter Bungie is making. and what is a ps3 type game or a 360 type game anyway?

360 offers plenty more than just lets stop perpetuating that myth.


As a fan of Marathon I did liked the first Halo when I had an Xbox, but that was about it, it got somewhat boring right after for me (I'll repeat, FOR ME, that IS and opinion, please people keep your pants on) as it never evolved into that Marathon universe timeline I would love to see.

Now they'll mix it with COD to outright destroy any good Halo had left in it. I can already imagine...

"Future Warfare: Space Marines

A group of surviving Covenant Loyalists recreated the terrorist group know as Al-Covenant.
Their high prophets declared that humanity is still an afront to the Forerunner gods and 3 years ago they tried another attack to Earth, this time glassing our twin World Trade Satellites. UEG declares a war on terror. UNSC declare that the Covenant terrorists are hiding in a new mobile-planetoid called High Charityhstan and have Floodships of mass destruction. Some Separatist races argue that humans only want to rob the spaceship fuel.

We based our game in this on-going war but won't give names or interesting related story to be respectful. Take control of some of the best power ranger... I mean... SPARTAN-II soldier into high cinematic action and play online with up to 18 friends in 6 camping friendly maps (more old maps to come in DLC) in an aim-assited noob fest. Use a headset to yell at your teammates and other kids alike. Have fun and give me another 60 moneys."

After 3 sequels (around 6 years), 1 Loyalist friendly Dictator dead, 1 planet destroyed, other planet unrelated brought into war and thousands of lost lifes they'll finally found the Loyalist leader and kill him. Yet UEG will delay the call back of troops.

Of course I'm kidding... They can't use Halo assets as it belongs to MS. Nor historic assets as they would be sued by WikiLeaks for copyright infrigment (you know those guys think only them can piss off american politicians).

Now, seriously, LevelHead is right. Both COD and Halo are massively popular and probably this intertests a lot of people... But not this PS3 owner, I don't give a damn.

gaffyh2396d ago

So it is timed exclusive for the 360, which I am quite surprised by. It seems like a stupid idea, because if it comes out later on another console, sales are always much less than if it came out day and date. Although, seems like Bungie want to keep the Xbox fans happy, which is why they want to do some sort of exclusivity at first.

Also, worst way to have your game announced, ever.

DeadlyFire2396d ago

So with this info can ya tell me something.

Destiny is clearly a straight up shooter title. Releasing every two years. So who is publishing said MMO Bungie has under wraps? Oh I see. It must be Microsoft. It all makes sense now.

Destiny is very likely to end up multiplatform title. Yes they might launch it on X360 first and for awhile, but when Activision chimes for it to come to PS3, PC then it will. Activision and EA are biggest, and greediest money grabbers out there and now their competing. Can't compete on only one platform.

2396d ago
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blue7_72397d ago

Were you born yesterday or something? This has been happening this whole generation.

Paradicia2396d ago

I came late in on this one, but it's just hilarious to read through the comments and see the trolls show their true colours.

XboxInnovation2397d ago ShowReplies(5)
Disccordia2396d ago

Chill guys, it still looks like PS will get the game. If its going to export choices like mass effect then honestly the delay might be good because you'll get all four games on the ps4. (I know I'm speculating but it was rumoured to be an rpg shooter so..)

AlienLion2396d ago

Whoahohoa DragonNight! You attack someone for no reason and then write something so dumb, the lifespan of human race itself has shortened by a few decades due to brain fog. Seriously? Was YOUR face straight when you wrote that?

You dont want a game to appear on ps3 because it is from activision and bungie who dared to make it a timed xbox exclusive? You must have missed out on a lot because of tour stupidity, like Oblivion and Bioshock. Both good games. Oh please forgive them, dragon night! They will make it worth your while.

Also, I guess since Bungie moved on from Marathon and made Halos for awhile, they are incapable of making anything but a Halo/COD clone. Damn, I guess that means that Epic's Fortnite will actually play just like Gears of War...

Having said that, I really want to see what this game is. Im glad it doesnt sound like an MMO as was rumored.

mcstorm2396d ago

There is noting new about this so why are people kicking up a fuss. Nintendo had Res 4 and then later it was ported to the PS2, The same with MGS 2 it was on the PS2 and then ported to the Xbox.

I really don't get some people if you want a game that bad get the console it is on or even more simple than that is if you want the best experience in gaming with the widest choice of games buy all the consoles and you can get any game you want on the console you want it on too.

Nimblest-Assassin2396d ago

Bungie making a contract with activision?

They just signed a deal with the devil

STONEY42396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Bungie also getsa 2.5 million dollar bonus only if the game gets a higher average than 90 on Gamerankings... explains the inflation of review scores. If developers are paid bonuses based on review scores, no wonder this has happened. It also encourages review-bribing, since a developer could pay off reviewers knowing that they'll get a huge bonus with high review scores.

Activision can also terminate the contract if Destiny doesn't sell more than 5 million within the first 6 months. And it's an MMO. That's asking a lot for a console MMO, especially when it's a timed-exclusive.

STONEY42396d ago

Also in the contract, Bungie gets a 1.5 million dollar bonus only if the game gets a higher average than 90 on Gamerankings... explains the inflation of review scores. If developers are paid bonuses based on review scores, no wonder this has happened.

GamingPerson2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

bungie made halo.. They still have a lot to prove.

They could suck at other genres.

Plus no way am I getting an xbox.

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GraveLord2397d ago

"The first Destiny game will initially only be available on Microsoft's Xbox 360 consoles, as well as its potential successor, which the contract refers to as the "Xbox 720." Later games would be made for Xbox consoles as well as Sony Corp.'s expected successor to the PlayStation 3, and on personal computers."

Oh well. Looks like I'm not getting any Bungie games for my PS consoles. I will not be treated as a second-class citizen.

Timed-exclusive DLC is one thing, but this is just going too far. What logical reason is there for not releasing this game on the PS3 as well? I'm betting a couple million from Microsoft....

van-essa2397d ago

If you don't get the late port for the PS3, they'll think we're not interested in their games and we'll keep getting shafted.

BrutallyBlunt2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Is the Playstation 3 your first game system? Timed exclusives have been going on for years. Ever hear of the game Grand Theft Auto? The series was also timed exclusive to the Playstation 2 platform.

My how people have such knee-jerk reactions here on N4G and so much resentment when it comes to Microsoft.

Thatguyinthesuit2396d ago

In GTA's defense, in the PS2's generation it was dominating the hardware sales in comparison to the Xbox. Now the gap between PS3 and 360 isn't as big as PS2 and the original Xbox so timed exclusivity in this generation will probably harm sales more than when it did in the previous generation.

I won't deny the possibility that it will be an awesome hit of a game but it seems more understandable to get mad at timed exclusivity this generation than in the previous one.

dark-hollow2397d ago

its not up to them. its up to activision.

MrBeatdown2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

I don't think they are treating PS3 owners as second class citizens. They've been a single platform developer for a decade. I think they are just being cautious.

Considering this was the initial deal agreed to by Activision and Bungie, I don't think Microsoft played any part in this. This is what Bungie wanted. I think it's just a matter of them not wanting to commit to something without knowing that they are able to fully deliver. Nobody wants to see a rushed version.

Keep in mind, this document, which you can see some of for yourself here...

... is two years old. Plans can change, especially considering it's a plan based around next-gen consoles for which details were far from concrete at the time, and Bungie's lack of PS3 development experience. There's even a portion of the contract detailing how and when they would be looking into the feasibility of a PS3 version. There's a possibility that there may not even be a PS3 version.

But on the other hand, between Activision and Bungie, I highly doubt either would be opposed to releasing a game simultaneously on PS3 and 360 if they find they can do it, and I'm sure Sony and Activision would be more than willing to help Bungie along. PS4 is clearly mentioned as a target console. They'll likely both want to avoid a Mass Effect kind of situation where one console is missing a game, so PS3 will likely see the game. Plus, you have to consider that the sooner they finish the first game for the platforms they plan on releasing it on, the sooner they can turn their full attention to the sequel. Taking their sweet time on a PS3 version doesn't really help them if they intended to stick to a release schedule that sees a new game or expansion every year.

AlienLion2396d ago

Yes. My brother's friend's sister's uncle said he knew a guy from Bungie who saw Bill Gate coming in secretly wearing a trench coat and shades and carrying a briefcase with a million dollars which he gave to Mr Bungie for not allowing sony have his game. Then they were like laughing all evil-like.

True story.

Thatguyinthesuit2396d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense if you just said my brother's friend's uncle... unless your brother's friend's sister is your brother's friend's half sister.

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kamruk2397d ago

This news has been known since last year and was even confirmed by Bungie at GDC 2011

Convas2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

If this is all true, which I'm assuming it is, it makes Bungie sound hypocritical.

You leave Microsoft because you say you're tired of being tied down to Halo, only to run into the arms of Activision, who ties you down to an extremely strict regiment given to it's Call of Duty developers as well.

I clearly remember one of the Bungie founders saying that they just wanted the freedom and space to craft what they wanted, and now you mean to tell me that they knew ALL along that they were going to be strapped down to a 2 year dev cycle, an expansion pack every other year, and the pressure to make sure EVERY game delivers of 90 on Game Rankings?

Yeah, that's a lot to swallow. Dunno how to feel about Bungie ATM. They traded one evil for an even greater evil.

TheColbertinator2396d ago

In the Xbox 360 early years I didn't consider MS evil.They pulled every stop to grab 3rd party exclusives,1st party hits,Xbox Live on every 360,Halo 3,huge promotion and massive support to its Arcade line-up.

However with Activision's latest strategies getting too obvious,I worry bungie will lose its heart.

2396d ago
Oldman1002397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Those sneaky buggers at Microsoft must have struck up another deal with Activision. I guess you could relate it to the Sony/Rockstar timed exclusivity deal for the last gen GTA titles. Except with this deal, it's just for the first title in the series.

With that said, Bungie's new game series could probably end up being associated mainly as an xbox franchise, just like GTA is associated mainly as a playstation franchise. Or you could even look at Call of Duty as an example! This would surely make a lot of playstation gamers upset.

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