Game For Windows Live Encourages Piracy

"Game for Windows Live, often shortened to the acronym GFWL, has been a dreaded piece of software for most end-users. The problems are also too many to list, however, one thing has become rather apparent, in order to get some games running right under the GFWL label, you have to pirate them."

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F7U122370d ago

I won't buy a game if it lists GWL. I can't f**king stand that intrusive annoying service.

ATi_Elite2370d ago

GFWL contract = me

1. Not playing the game


2. my getting a pirated copy to avoid the GFWL CRAP!

it's just that simple!!!

vortis2370d ago

Exactly man.

GFWL literally does not work. I mean, wtf are PC gamers supposed to do with a game you pay for that literally just does not work? I don't get it. It's a load of BS.

kagon012370d ago

This article reminds me of this guy's rant: