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Sorcery could have been a good game to prove that motion controlled gaming still has a chance; unfortunately, Santa Monica Studios has chosen to use PlayStation Move just as an alternative to a button to mash furiously to cast spells. Not exactly what we were expecting.

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CommonSenseGamer2372d ago

This game was the reason I purchased Move...disappointing.

Patriots_Pride2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I got the game early and it not a bad game but was expecting allot more.

The wand thing gets old after awhile and the its very casual friendly which is probably why my 8 year old son loved it.

The problem with this game is that Sony could not decide on who to market it to - its like in the first stages of development they wanted to go very technical and hardcore but then somewhere down they line the developers got a phone call and someone told them that kids have to be able to play this game.

For $40 dollars its not a bad buy but the game has no replay value and after you pass it you will more than likely out it down and move on.

TheLastGuardian2372d ago

Metacritic is counting alot of the lower scores but not alot of the high ones. Both of Eurogamers are averaged in but they don't count GamesMaster's 82 or any of the 9's. What's up with that?

StrawberryDiesel4202372d ago

and where are those 9's again?