Aliens Colonial Marines preview: A stunning shooter ONM

"Aliens: Colonial Marines has the uncanny ability to make you fear your surroundings. Vents, grates, loose ceiling panels, windows, doorways, cubby holes, weakened walls, storage containers and anywhere in shadow: these are your enemies. At any point in time in any given location, the scariest alien Hollywood ever produced could come bursting out from a dozen places around you and snack on your face (or your back) before you've even uttered a shocked expletive in reply. We're no strangers to things popping up in front of our crosshairs in shooters, but Colonial Marines' 360 degrees of terror is something new. It's also as constant an assault on the nerves as it is on health.", writes OfficialNintendoMagazine.

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WeskerChildReborned2373d ago

I don't know whether i should get this on PS3 or the Wii U when it come's out. I'll see how it look's on both but i'm gonna get it either way. Can't wait for it to be released.

jjdoyle2372d ago

Yeah, shame the Wii U version won't be at E3 in a playable fashion.

arbitor3652372d ago

"stunning?" looks rather trite and derivative to me

rogimusprime2372d ago

BS that it's being delayed over and over again. I hope against hope it's not a "polished turd". Been burned SO many times before.

mananimal2372d ago

they forgot to add, Another AAA shooter delayed til 2013, great.