A historic day for Major League Gaming / Halo 3

If you haven't already heard about it you're either not listening or living under a rock. MLG, the nations biggest video game tournaments powered by the Xbox360 and Gamestop are home to some of the worlds best gamers and biggest video game tournament pay-outs. Amongst all the negative news and competitors attacks, Halo 3 (the worlds #1 online shooter and MLG's premier game)is alive, well and on top of the heap. And as if the MLG tourneys and millions of game owners weren't enough..Now you can watch how the pro's play with coverage from the worlds leader in sports media., the leading online sports destination, today announced it has entered a content agreement with Major League Gaming (MLG), the leading professional video game league.

ESPN will serve as a primary outlet for news about MLG, providing extensive digital coverage of MLG's 2008 Pro Circuit Competitions, including exclusive streamed matches, pro player interviews, and scores and stats. Additionally, MLG will host ESPN co-branded online video game tournaments.

This is exciting news for anyone who call's themselves a "gamer"

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Maddens Raiders3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

back,back,back,back,back,back, back,back,back,back,back,..... and between Tony Cornheiser's incredibly off topic rants on MNF.....

I thought ESPN couldn't be any more irrelevant. I was wrong.

lol...I sure hope someone at ESPN does research on what company has won two console wars and technically & mechanically dwarfs the 3fixme. In that case I'll gladly welcome Gran Turismo Online competitions to ESPN. Otherwise they'll be counting out 45 million players right off the bat. Imagine the ruckus that would cause (and it's rrod-free)


But nothing the PS3 has or will have to offer in the near future will get anywhere near this level my friend. And fyi the RROD is a thing of the past so stop grasping at that old worn out straw

PS360WII3962d ago

hey don't be messing with Tony Cornheiser he's great ^^

Maddens Raiders3962d ago

he's (((great))) on PTI, but on MNF dude I want to throw my coffee table at the screen when he goes off about Desperate Housewives or Congress or some crazy non-football related crap. Know what I mean?

I think he should just stick to PTI and the Post.

PS360WII3962d ago

yea true he does go a bit off of the game on MNF, but I guess that just him. I liked him when he was on the radio as well espesially when he went off topic like how he always talked about 24 and random crap as well.

Though you are right when watching a prime time football game it should be all about the dang game!

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BenzMoney3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Regardless of any spelling mistakes which, oddly, seem to make at least one Playstation fanboy extremely irritable (though I'd hazard a guess it's more jealousy than anger at bad spelling) this is HUGE news, not just for Halo 3, Bungie and Microsoft, but for gaming as a whole.

Halo 3, MLG and ESPN are bringing more exposure to the gaming hobby than any other game ever has - with ESPN broadcasting tournaments on national tv, that exposure is only going to increase.

Love it or hate it, Halo 3 is indeed a juggernaut!

Iron Man 23962d ago

A juggernaut that hasn't changed a bit since the first one,extremely repetative,full of a bunch of noobish 10 year olds,and you feel like a badass cuz supposably your good at a game that is played by pure 10 year olds,homophobes and racist rednecks?LMFAO!

consolewar3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

I'll take you are not very good at Halo kermit5. It's ok there is plenty of games you can be good at, seriously.

Sean: Kermit5 this is not your fault
Kermit5: Oh, I know.
Sean: It's not your fault
Kermit5: I know
Sean: It's not your fault
Kermit5: I know
Sean: It's not your fault
Kermit5: Don't fVck with me
Sean: It's not your fault
Kermit5:(tears start) I know.
Sean: It's not....
Kermit5:(crying hard) I know, I know...
*Sean takes Kermit5 in his arms and holds him like a child. Kermit5
sobs like a baby*

Afterburn3962d ago

regardless of whether or not it's on your console of choice, can only further gaming for all of us.

I don't have an xbox or play Halo, but I see this as a very good step.

Maddens Raiders3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

it's just that I hope the accountants at ESPN realize that there are more games that people want to play in online competitons besides the most overhyped game on the most polarizing and technically unsound console in gaming history. That is the worry. But more often than not people that aren't gamers run things like this (ESPN programming) and are horribly ignorant of facts and industry trends.

Case in point: The contributor originally posted this story with the title, "PSN can't compete with Halo juggernaut" See what I mean?

@3.2 - LOL - of course I know what polarizing means, that's why I (((((used it))))); the question is - do you? And the reason why it's polarizing is because it was launched early and adopted by hard-working people only to be proven a scam. MS has flooded the market with FUD regarding the PS3 from the beginning only to be proven wrong TIME & TIME again (as they add more and more PS3-esque items) to the breakbox and the entire dumbing down of games which DVD-9 has proven and MS continues to embrace a dead format (just like the console - check current worlwide sales buddy) for it's consumers. They've managed to split us good gamers into a Japanese vs. American / Western vs. Eastern type mindset when it's totally wrong. On top of that there are plenty of brainwashed people like you that will go around proclaiming Juggernaut this! and PSN that! that is not only polarizing, idiotic, and immature; but just downright absurd.

Grow up, be a leader, and stop being a fkn ninnyhammer.

BenzMoney3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Wtf? "World's most polarizing console"?! Do you even know what that word means? And if so, care to elaborate? How is the 360 'polarizing'? Or are you just memorizing buzz words from the Presidential Primaries campaigns?

Give me a break.

The only thing 'polarizing' about the 360 is it seperates the good games (which it has) from the bad (which go to the PS3).

@3.2 (Edit):

Well, seeing as how I actually used the word in context and you simply side-stepped the question by redirecting it at me, I think its pretty clear you don't. Thanks for your reply.

@3.4 (VirusE):

Uh huh, and I've played games on all the consoles this generation. Trying to pass off Lair and Heavenly Sword, for example, as "AAA" games is a joke. Hence to stab at the PS3 and the facetious remark in response to Madden's pathetic "most polarizing console" remark. What does that even mean? The only thing "polarizing" about the gaming industry is the fanboys and their imaginations.

As for who can or can't define themselves as a 'gamer' - I didn't know that you were the authority on such designations, so you'll have to excuse the sarcasm of my reply.

VirusE3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Maddens you do realize that at this moment more games of halo 3 are played than any other online console game right? You fail to realize that your opinions and the truth have nothing to do with each other right? You opinion of the game does not change the fact that it is the most played online console game. You act like teen age girl; unable to look at something logically due to your emotional attachment. I didn’t like titanic but 2 billion people paid to see it for a reason and as an adult I can separate my opinion from reality and give the movie props for what it was. You should try being an adult once and a while.

Benz "good gamers" are willing to play games on both. If you have an allegiance to one and refuse to play the other you don’t get the right to call yourself a gamer. Blind consumer yes, gamer no. Amazing games exist on both sides of the fences.

Maddens Raiders3962d ago

I've had you on ignore for like 10 years (you used to bash the PS3 incessantly for no reason at all) - maybe you still do, I just haven't seen you or replied to you in a long, long time.

I figured you had said something like that and what you fail to realize is that 1.) I'm not a teenager and 2.) I'm not a girl and the only thing I've ever had an emotional attachment to was my family and I guess I always will.

No on topic:

Yes, I do realize that it is the most played online game, but just as your post points out -- that doesn't make it the ((((best)))) online game. Yes, Titanic sold big (I hate that crap) but it's in the eye of the beholder, yeah? By that same logic, I think you would agree that if GT was brought to MLG/ESPN a few people might get involved there, thus changing the accurate definition of "most played online", right? So will that mean at that time (since GT has never been online, but has sold the most) that GT is the best online game? See how that logic works both ways?

/no harm/no foul

BUKKAKALYPSE3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

did you just say Benzmoney is brainwashed?? did you even read what you wrote?? take it easy or go back to your homepage ( This story is HUGE! FACE IT!. the only reason you're mad is because you bought the wrong console this gen. HALO 3 , just like 1 and 2 is and absolute juggernaut that you cant stop

FACT > your opinion

VirusE3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Maddens here is another perfect example of your "emotional" attachment to an inanimate object. I am not a ps3 basher, I bash on all sides of the fence. I don’t even own an Xbox at the moment. Do you have resistance? If you like you can give me your psn name and i will hop on and put your silly ideas that i dont own a ps3 and am anti ps 3 to rest. The thing is you are a single system fanboy and you have ZERO point of reference as to which system is better. In the really real world when people compare and contrast they do it with both items on hand. If you are comparing and evo to an sti how would one even go about it without having both cars on hand? When av mags do speaker shoot outs do they do it with speakers they don’t have on hand? In your world they would because that is what you do. It is not about good games to you its about good games on your system everything else is trash to you. Eff sony and ms in my opinion. They are both corparate tyrants that screw over us gamers at every chance they get. You are just too blind and young to see it. There is no "superior console" there are only superior games. You don’t like me because i can look at things in a rational logical manner. I can go to game rankings or meta critic and look at the lop sided number of good games on 360 vs. ps3 and say "yes at THIS MOMENT the industry has given out more good reviews to the xbox360”. To you that is just retarded and all the reviews have been bought because you love your ps3 (emotional attachment like a teen girl). You cried your eyes out when madden was better on the 360, when any rational person would have just bought the better version. How did that letter you wrote work out? Not so well, well some of us don’t get emotional and write silly letters like that. Some of us just act like adults and realize that life isn’t always fair and yes you are a kid you are not fooling me. My live account is viruse go look up the last time i was on live. I sold my 360 in November and ONLY own a ps3 at the moment. Way to own yourself kid.

GT is an amazing game and i am a car nut so i will be playing it online. That said it will still never hit the numbers that halo 3 will. Fps games are so much more popular for online play than racing games. This is another example of you not knowing enough about the industry and just knowing about what you like. Racing games only have true tension at the end of the match where as an fps like halo can have tension the entire way through. When you see a guy take a turn with perfect lines it is in no way as impressive as seeing a guy Spartan laser 4 guys with one shot. ESPN needs what they are showing to be entertaining and an fps is much more entertaining to watch than a racing game. Use logic not emotion.

Here is a perfect example of my points. You have 5 bubbles (sometimes less) I have 9 bubbles. Obviously more people seem to like my opinions than yours. Could it be possible that your opinions suck and you just are to dumb to see it? I think so. Why don’t you write my parents a letter about raising a kid that uses logic rather than emotion to argue and owns you at every turn. I bet they will put as much interest into it as EA did your tear jerking letter about madden being better on 360.

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The RhymeScheme3962d ago

Very cool you would think with the lack of games on PS that the PS fanboys could learn proper grammar...o well.

mighty_douche3962d ago

LOL.... the Headline does all the work for you...

"A historic day for Major League Gaming"

lol.... amazing...

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