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Submitted by Bagogames 1288d ago | opinion piece

All I Want for E3 Is ...

Bagogames: We stopped just short of a parody song and dance on this one. Our very own Nathan Braudrick talks [ types? ] us through his E3 wish list. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anyone? (3DS, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Deadly Premonition, PS3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time: Reshelled, Wii U, Xbox 360)

liberator23  +   1288d ago
personally I'd like to see some information on Halo 4, and I agree that the Wii U currently makes little to no sense. I had the same idea as you with it being a new controller, and personally I think that a new controller might actually be a cool idea for the Wii.
jeremybtyler  +   1288d ago
I agree, the Wii U does not make much sense. The Wii was OK when it came out, mostly due to novelty.
Ranma1  +   1288d ago
I want an FF7 remake made by Level 5 or Atlus, i have no faith in Square Enix to make it
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1288d ago
Yeah... That sounds like winner. Definitely in the realm of possibility.
supraking951  +   1288d ago
lol information on Halo 4? Ask and you shall receive, as thats basically the only game there gonna focus on. Everything else will mostly be Kinect stuff, multiplatform games with exclusive timed dlc and APPS APPS APPS
Gunshot  +   1288d ago
Meh, im over E3. The show is nothing more than a platform for the game industry to hype their wares. We already have a hype machine, its called the internet.
BitbyDeath  +   1288d ago
"The show is nothing more than a platform for the game industry to hype their wares."

What else would E3 be about?
Gunshot  +   1288d ago
I'm saying its no longer relevant.
jeremybtyler  +   1288d ago
Of course E3 is a hyoe machine. It's also a great place for journalists, and consumers, to get their hands on games for the first time.
FunAndGun  +   1288d ago
You do know that real people go to these events for business purposes correct?

its about hands on and driving business. E3 isn't just there to make announcements that can be made over the net.

You make it sound like every media show, convention, and expo can end because the internet is available.

These shows are not just for us gamers you know.
swat_teem  +   1288d ago
E3 shows new gameplay/information why would you not want to see that? also lets say a game that has not been even mentioned and they show it off at E3 it would not be on the internet before
Starbucks_Fan  +   1287d ago
Sounds like someone put a gunshot in your head
Ajoyshop  +   1288d ago
I'm rooting for Dead Space 3 to make a showing. Would really like to go to E3 this year.
jeremybtyler  +   1288d ago
I'm hoping to hear about some games for the Vita. I mean, the system has been out a while, give me more games.
manlypile  +   1288d ago
I just hope Ubisoft doesn't bring Mr. Caffeine or whatever the crap his name was. I wanted to shoot my television while he was on.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1288d ago
I wanna see some big surprises or even a Next Gen tech demo to hype up Next Gen consoles.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1288d ago
I wanna see Overstrike get shown off. Out of all the games that get announced and no shows I just want this one not to be MIA.
archemides518  +   1288d ago gen consoles!!!!!!! (not wii u)
ronin4life  +   1288d ago
...Is my two fwont teef
Joking aside, I want and expect a crapton of massive 3ds Game announcements.
Rediculamal  +   1288d ago
Care to join me in the club of imminent disappointment kind sire?

I wouldn't mind some more Vita announcements, there's supposedly an unearthed wealth of games yet to be revealed for it. But they say that about every console don't they?
ronin4life  +   1288d ago
Because there are a crapton of games waiting in the wings. From MH3G localization to ZOE 3DS and more.
Just confirming the extensive list of released and upcoming Japanese games for overseas would give the 3ds a huge boost, but additional announcements are bound to occur as well. This really is going to be a huge e3 for the 3ds.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   1288d ago
Versus XIII goddammit.
Rediculamal  +   1288d ago
Oh yes please! :3
Moncole  +   1288d ago
It would be magical if this happens.
Neo Nugget  +   1288d ago
Animal Crossing 3DS, please :(

It's been nearly three years since it was first announced. *twitch*
Rediculamal  +   1288d ago
I just want Kojima to do something. Anything, we could even compromise. The idea of a codec call app for my iPhone, just anything!
Bagogames  +   1288d ago
I want any of the following:

Wasteland 2! Final Fantasy Versus XIII! Kingdom Hearts 3! Zone of Enders 3! Half Life 3! Fallout Online! Crysis 3! Halo 4! Bad Company 3!

C'mon guys, what's the matter with all of you!

Oh, and we'll obviously have some new Black Ops II details to roll our eyes at ...
andslasher123  +   1288d ago
Even though there's a slight possibility GTA V won't be shown at the E3, that's the only thing I wanna see at E3.
pumpkinlord45  +   1288d ago
Yeah, I saw the exhibitor list for E3 and Rockstar wasn't on it. Sad but whatever.
Bagogames  +   1288d ago
Bit odd but I don't think they're really into E3. Didn't they no show last year too?
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1288d ago
Still waiting for Powerstone 3.
DarkHorse  +   1288d ago
I want lots of 3DS,PS Vita,PS3,Wii U stuff,FFVS13,KH3, The Last of Us game play,Pokemon Black/White 2,ZoE3,Dead Space3,two turtle doves and a parrrrtridge in a pear treeeeee.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1288d ago
I just want WiiU. and Maybe some new of Eternal Darkness 2. Everything else is cherry.
swat_teem  +   1288d ago
i want to see C&C G2 gameplay/trailer and AC3 gameplay/trailer!!
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1288d ago
PS It would also be great if Retro could be working on the "Raven Blade" game that got cancelled 10 YRS. Ago on GameCube.
Below is a Video:

Related video
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DeletedAcc  +   1288d ago
Im waiting for:
- tlou gameplay
-gow:A singleplayer gameplay
-gtav gameplay
-maybe a new ip(sonyexclusive)
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Big_Boss91  +   1287d ago
all i want for e3 is you!!
manlypile  +   1287d ago
And details on Beyond Godd and Evil 2! I forgot about that one!!! Please!!!!!
manlypile  +   1287d ago
That should say "Good", not "Godd"

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