Street Fighter X Tekken patch coming soon regarding new glitch

As many of you are likely aware, a game-breaking glitch was discovered in SFxT following the 1.04 update - generally speaking, anytime knife-like projectiles (Ibuki, Cody, Rolento etc) collide with fireballs (Ryu, Chun Li etc), the game will crash. We have word today the dev team is hard at work investigating the issue, and plans to have a patch available soon.

Here's the statement we received today:

Hi everyone, this is Ayano.

As many of you are aware, a game breaking glitch has appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken after the release of the 1.04 update. The development team is currently examining the problem and planning to patch the game as quickly as possible. The patch to fix the glitch should be released by mid June.

We truly apologize for this problem, and hope everyone will be patient until the patch is released.

Thank you very much.

-Tomoaki Ayano

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AmkOwns2396d ago

They won't make an 'Ultimate' edition to fix this game because, they know what will happen...

troncoparati2396d ago

They will hope to sell you the same game over and over. Wait for the "Arcade Edition", then maybe an "Ultimate Edition" and after some more milking costumes DLC they'll announce SFxTekken 2... Which will be the same as the first one except it will have a different color palate.

Redempteur2396d ago

there is no need to make a Ultimate edition to fix bugs ... At least no need anymore in this day and age.