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"What would you do if the goth kid sitting in the back of the class was a warlock, capable of not only killing anyone and everyone in your class, but also turn them into flesh-hungry, infectious zombies? Now, take that answer, and remember you're the youngest in a family trained for—and given the task of—hunting said zombies. What would you do? Damn right, you'd get a chainsaw decked out with shiny pink hearts and start hunting!" - Kevin Schaller

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cervantes2402399d ago

Suda 51 + zombies will always equal awesome craziness. :)

stormeagle62399d ago

Every Suda game is a must buy.

insertcoin2399d ago

Take me by the hand, Mickey!

D3stinySm4sher2399d ago

I'll have to consider giving this one a look after it comes out.

dbjj120882399d ago

Looking good so far, but I'll wait for reviews.

knifefight2399d ago

Been hearing about this game for a long time and thought this was a review actually, heh.

Robotronfiend2399d ago

As long as the game is technically sound I think there is more than enough for me to get this 1st week it's out, maybe even pre-order. The only thing that can really ruin this for me is a bad glitch or game breaking bug. I loved Naughty Bear... until my save corrupted repeatedly and I got stuck in a menu every time I tried to play. Good idea, poor execution. If this guy says the basic combat is solid, I'm in!

PS- Please add some DLC with Sara Underwood as her sidekick. That is all.

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