Shorter Games Must Make a Comeback

Michael Futter writes: OK. Before you grab up the pitchforks and call for my head on a spike, please hear me out.

I understand that there is a place in the gaming world for long-term relationships. Clearly, the popularity of Bethesda’s RPGs (Fallout 3, Skyrim), the time vacuum of Minecraft, the competitive play of online shooters and stickiness of MMOs proves that gamers are willing to sink countless hours into a single title. We’re nearing the end of a console generation, though, and the market is getting crowded. Very few people have enough time to devote to even one of these games, let alone the flood we’ve seen over the past six months.

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CrzyFooL2373d ago

That's why we have social games now, for all the casuals :-p

Amazingmrbrock2373d ago

This is true, but what the author said about episodic content is also a good way to go about things.

As long as they don't try to over price the small games it'll all be cool.

ATi_Elite2373d ago

Consolers spill out $60 bucks for the most part a 10 hour Game.

I've Put in over 100 hours in Day Z.
Day Z mod = free
Arma II = $39.99

so for an article to suggest shorter games is BLASPHEMOUS!!!

Need longer games if anything on consoles (Next Gen consoles getting MMO's should fix that). If you want shorter then i suggest arcade titles from XboxLive or PSN Arcade or PC emulator!

FriedGoat2373d ago

OH god, I love DayZ. I just got a map, compass, watch, hunting knife and binoculars. then I managed to go to the hospital in elektro in pitch black to save my life (was on 1400 blood and passing out) stocked up on blood was so happy, then fell off the roof and died.

Mike_Tha_Hero2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

"The casuals"

Is it not possible to be hardcore, and have a life outside of video games? Not all of us can dedicate 20+ hours to a piece of software.

Whitefeather2373d ago

No. Most of the games are short 6-8 hours with online to make up for a short story mode. Sorry but no we need longer more quality games.

LOGICWINS2373d ago

Exactly. I'm done with competitive online shooters. Rather have a long single player like Skyrim that I can play at my own pace without having to worry about glitchers, laggers, noobs, people with no lives that are the top player in each match everytime, and racist scumbags who game online.

DaReapa2373d ago

^^^This times a thousand. And it's not like there's a shortage of short games. Sadly, this gen has been defined by them. Even though lengthy campaigns have been having a strong showing lately, they are still a rare commodity.

vortis2373d ago

If a game is going to be short (like Limbo, Uncharted, etc.,) it should be highly replayable.

A lot of these so-called AAA blockbusters aren't replayable.

Convas2373d ago

I think that the sweet spot for a game is anywhere between 8-12 hours for Singleplayer.

Of course you'll have your Witcher 2/Mass Effect 3/Skyrim/Minecrafts that you'll sink 50/100/200 hours into easily, but overall, I find that those games are sweetest when they are far and few in between.

Now, don't get me wrong, I DO NOT support 4-6 hour games, but a good length game for me is as stated, about 8-12 hours, and that seems like a good tradeoff between enough content to keep the game interesting and enough length to hopefully prevent it from dragging on.

Hicken2373d ago

A sweet spot for a game should be MONTHS. The first playthrough should take you no less than 20 hours, and it should make you WANT to play it again, even more slowly than before. You should WANT to return to the world and story and characters repeatedly, each time taking more than the last as you find yourself getting sidetracked more and more by all the good stuff in it.

I don't want a "good tradeoff" in my games. I want to feel like I can come back to this game in six years and still enjoy it like I did the first time I played; hell, I want to enjoy it MORE. Sure, I can feel I got my money's worth out of less play time than 80 hours. But if a game makes me want to put in that 80 hours three or four times, that's REAL value for my dollar.

I try not to buy games I won't want to play after a month, because that's not how I learned the value of games. I learned to buy a game and be entertained for half a year or longer.

browland12373d ago

My first concern with any game is quality of gameplay and fun factor, with it's length being a secondary consideration. There are many games that fell within the 6 to 10 hour range that I thoroughly enjoyed, while some that were significantly longer that I struggled to stay interested in.

It can also go the other way, with some 5 hour games feeling rushed and incomplete, while a game like Skyrim kept me enthralled for over 100 hours. At the end of the day, it all boils down to gameplay for me.

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