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Combat is to TERA as global warming is to Al Gore. It may perform a variety of other tasks to varying degrees of competency, but combat is what defines it and gives it meaning. Purely academic arguments may abound as to whether or not games like Vindictus or DC Universe Online have better claims to being the "first true action MMO," but several hours with TERA's combat nevertheless left me wondering why I ever found swordplay in Rift or World of Warcraft remotely exciting.

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admiralthrawn872252d ago

terrible reviewer. He spent more time bashing wow than praising Tera. Tera is a pretty game, i really enjoyed the beta, but this guy obviously havent played wow since vanilla. Comparing outdoor tera environments to Ironforge? Wow has many beautiful landscapes. Comparing tera elite monsters to hogger? Hogger, really? As if hogger, a boss in a entry level dungeon is all there is to WoW. A troll got a job at gamespy unfortunately.

Tera is fun though, just read other reviews.

ALICE6662252d ago

I love TERA. Just wish my aged PC could play it well..

Well, it can play it ok but after a few hours the memory leak is horrible and takes 15mins just to exit the game properly lol. Other than that I love this game.. just also wish I had more time to play MMO's nowadays.