New Trailer And Gameplay Screen Shots for PlayStation vita Exclusive: Dokuro

The Player controls that main protagonist Dokuro. Dokuro is the guardian of the demon realm and takes on the task of protecting the princess. The Princesses cry's have a strange influence over our hero, so much so that it causes Dokuro to betrays the Dark Lord, and free the Princess. The adventure takes gamer through the journey through the demon realm in hopes of returning the princess to her kingdom!

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Knushwood Butt2279d ago

Nice art direction.

This is really cheap. Might pick it up.

tarbis2279d ago

This is like a combination of ICO and Escape Plan. I will definitely get this. =D

AgentSmith2279d ago

It defiantly takes features from both of those games, and sprinkles a little mario in there as well!

DigitalAnalog2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Except one thing - they didn't need to place in the subtitles 1:22 - 1:23. They did a pretty fantastic job using the picture bubbles to convey the story and it would pretty much take away that uniqueness if they used words.

TheSuperior 2278d ago

Art looks cool but i wish i saw gameplay haha x)