Is Guild Wars 2 the answer to stagnant MMO design?

Gamasutra - While the MMO genre has been set in its post-World of Warcraft ways since Blizzard released its market-leading online game 2004, ArenaNet is trying to go its own way with Guild Wars 2.

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GamingPerson2313d ago

Arena Net is putting a lot of effort into this mmo.

Ser2313d ago

True. If nothing else is to be said of Guild Wars 2, the one thing people can't deny is that ArenaNet tried their hearts out with this game.

It's been six years, and I'm still excited.

ATi_Elite2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )


Guild Wars 2 is the answer to a lot of questions MMO related or not!

GW2 also has shown to cure cancer in lab mice!

FlashXIII2313d ago

With the amount of hype this is getting, Arena Net are going to be kicking themselves for going with the f2p formula. No game has came even remotely close to generating as much hype for this game since WoW's release and honestly, the hype reminds me of what WoW was like leading up to it's release.

Baka-akaB2313d ago

Half the hype was precisely because of it's B2p (not f2p) nature, the rest being their sheer genius .

bwazy2313d ago

Not only has it generated the hype, but it has delivered FAR above it IN ITS BETA FORM!

But to answer your question, you bet your f***ing ass it is.

pandehz2313d ago

Im not sold on it yet. Nothing new here.

Baka-akaB2313d ago

Unless you can point out to any mmo with dynamic questing and actual lasting effect on it's world , not just the empty priomises of those , yes there is something new here .

Giru0172312d ago

Did you PLAY the beta? Seriously, EVERYTHING is new. Comparing this to WOW is like day and night, both visually and as far as gameplay goes.

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