Black Ops II Engine Upgrades Include “More Destruction,” Better Lighting and Richer Details

Treyarch’s director of online Dan Bunting goes through some of the engine upgrades Call of Duty fans can expect in Black Ops II, including better lighting techniques, more detailed environments and “more destruction.”

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Amazingmrbrock2314d ago

They should just license frostbyte 2 for the next game. I know it'd be like sleeping with the enemy or something but it's a superior engine.

They could very likely even reuse many of their art and sound assets with little trouble. Making gameplay the same is only a matter of tweaking physics and motion.

Pandamobile2314d ago

EA doesn't license Frostbite 2 outside of EA studios.

Amazingmrbrock2314d ago

Aww that's sad, it's too bad that in order to remain competitive all the big business have to remain very walled off from each other. Sharing resources could lead to very quick progress, technology wise.

Pandamobile2314d ago

There's other options that are on par with Frostbite 2 that are widely available. Namely Unreal 3 and Cryengine 3

da_2pacalypse2314d ago

I agree with Cryengine. That is a fantastic engine!

SolidStoner2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I believe it when I see it!

Last time I checked Black Ops did worse graphics than mw2.
meanwhile MW3 was almost the same as mw2...

I will still look into Black Ops 2, but Im not sure what to think of any more... is it a good or a bad thing..

GhettoBlasStarr2314d ago

If it's not up to par or better Frostbite, then it's not worth mentioning. Treyarch is setting themselves up for failure.

FarCryLover1822314d ago

So glass will shatter even better? That's the only destruction in COD lol.

SJPFTW2314d ago

cmmaaannnn.... dont forget exploding barrels/cars.

dazzrazz2314d ago

Those are scripted events

Trenta272314d ago

Everything is freakin scripted in those games. =/

NeoTribe2314d ago

Hey hey hey.... u can also knock cups and bottles of of tables.... or was that duke nukem 3d... can't remember now.

swat_teem2314d ago

you can maybe if your lucky the cups could some how fly into the enemies screen :P

nathanhale2314d ago

I shot bananas on the Village map and nothing happened but a little mark on them. Bullet proof

VanguardOfCalamity2314d ago

I won't be happy till the shadows' shadows have shadows

Swiggins2314d ago



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