Resistance Burning Skies encourages Social Interaction by Infecting Your Friends

Sony's latest offering in the resistance universe will allow players to fight the Chimeran invation and infection.

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Oldman1002247d ago

The title almost sounds as if Burning Skies is trying to encourage social interaction by performing unprotected casual sex.

ChiVoLok02247d ago

Lol that's exactly what I was thinking.

WeskerChildReborned2247d ago

Is this gonna be another Resistance 3? cause i haven't even seen a trailer for this game and it's suppose to be out next week.

AgentSmith2247d ago

Dirty minds! The truth of the matter is the you can infect your friends with the Chimeran virus for an added multiplayer bonus!

refocusedman2247d ago

UHHHHH.............That sounds pretty bad. Well except for the part about the multiplayer bonus.

MattyG2247d ago

At first i thought the preview text said "Fight the Chimeran INVITATION."
"Dear puny humans, we would like to invite you to our homeworld."

OT this game looks great. Can't wait to see how a FPS plays on the Vita.