Dragon’s Dogma Gets a Set of Day One DLC

Gamers who will pick up Dragon’s Dogma this midnight in the United States has something to look forward to when they connect to either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. A notice with the list of DLC will appear just right before you start the new game.

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Deadpool6162251d ago

Day one DLC as in, day one "Disc Locked Content"?

Ser2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Oh, now that's good. I've honestly never seen that one before. +bubbles

MetalGearMetroid2251d ago

Message to devs with day 1 DLC.

**** YOU!

SKullDugger2249d ago

Stop crying about it, they all do it in one fashion or another if you dont wanna pay then dont play.. Its called capitalism and freedom and you have a choice no one is forcing you to buy their games.....

Deadpool6162249d ago


Are you finished with what you are saying? Then allow me to retort. When a company bones you on something that was made during the production of the game and could've easily been in the game, I call a big foul on that. That type of crappy business needs to stop. If you like it, fine like it. Don't tell me what I need to be satisfied with. You're no position over me to do so. If you feel that you are then everybody here knows what to think of you. So I say, good day, be well and stay safe.

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itani2251d ago

I have this game on pre-order. If Capcom is going to fuck me over with DLC on the first day I'm cancelling. They should be in the game. Unless it's extra stats and stuff like that I don't mind. If it's extra quests then I'm furious.

Bimkoblerutso2251d ago

One of the sets looks to just be a "purchasable progress" pack. It lets you get better pawns from the get-go.

The other two though...sigh...look to be content and quests.

It is Capcom, after all...

rdgneoz32251d ago

Yah, the crystals aren't bad at all, many devs go that route to make cash on lazy people. But the locking customization and quests is annoying. Nice to find it only came out as a result of someone picking up a copy early (the night before)...

fossilfern2251d ago

Same here mate im f***ing fuming I was looking forward to this game for a while and I really dont have the money to spare for extra quests! I really wish this DLC would come to an end! Its getting the arse ripped out of it!

Rampaged Death2251d ago

Capcom did say this was the last game before they think about their DLC plans for future games ..... Yeah like that will happen LOL.

WeskerChildReborned2251d ago

Why am i not surprised? Oh yea, it's Capcom :P

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The story is too old to be commented.