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Adam writes: "E3 is right around the corner, so it is time to start with my E3 predictions. Last year, my predictions were actually pretty spot on, predicting the existence of Dance Central 2 and YouTube on Xbox 360. As usual, Microsoft is keeping its 2012 and 2013 lineups a bit of a secret. At this point, nobody has a clue as to what is in store. All I know is they will focus more on stuff releasing in 2012 and there will be a major focus on the Xbox 360 as an entertainment machine, the ultimate set top box."

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MasFlowKiller2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

"At least 2 new hardcore retail games from Microsoft Studios will make their debut"

Microsoft focus since 2010 has been on the casual market, MSG(Microsoft Game Studio) concentration in first party Hardcore games only extend to Halo, even forza seems to be getting a little casual with Kinet.

Microsoft no longer cares about making first party Hardcore games they counts on 3rd Party support for that.

Here are my Microsoft Predictions:

* The conference open with a demo of Black Ops 2. Microsoft exec will claim the 360 is the best place to play CoD and then go on to chat about timed exclusive map packs.

* Mounting, and trailers and stage demos for 3rd party multiplatform game will be shown, a few of them having 360 exclusive Kinect features.

* An image will come up on screen saying (everything from this point is exclusive to Xbox 360)..At this point they do a stage demo of Halo 4, Forza Horizon Fable Journey and some Kinect exclusives. We might see a secret AAA hardscore exclusive(but probably not)

* The rest(and by rest I mean most) of the conference will be about new XBL services and apps.

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