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Xbox Ramble: "Capcom’s imaginative and challenging action RPG is a stunning creation pushing the boundaries that competitors thus far have not, adding adventure, mystery and a fear of dying all with many unique features. I never thought id find a game, that for me, would rival Skyrim and give it an obligatory elbow but then along came Dragon’s Dogma, leaving me wanting more and excited to see where future DLC may take the epic tale."

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Rampaged Death2312d ago

Holy cow the reviews are everywhere. Guess it's a rent and then I'll make a decision. Sucks for people who can't rent games.

Edward752312d ago

I agree with you rampaged, it is a day one pick up for me, but I can see why for lots of people being on the fence is a strong possibility. At least the scores tend to be on the higher end (6.5 or higher)
I think it's a great chance for Capcom to get into a new franchise, I just hope it sells very well for them.

Lucreto2312d ago

I am unsure about this game.

I decided to see the consensus with the reviews and they are all over the place. Which doesn't help me much.

StrawberryDiesel4202312d ago

Play the demo, in my opinion it's a good representation of what the game should generally be like. I enjoyed it, so much so that I pre ordered the game and I'm getting it at midnight tonight, love me a good medieval rpg.

PS3Freak2312d ago

I found that the demo left a somewhat meh impression on me.

After watching 3 or 4 videos on youtube that explained the intricacies and the unique aspects to the game; I decided to pre-order it.

JAMurida2312d ago

The demo did it for me, but as PS3 Freak said above, the demo really doesn't do that much, compared to the videos out there. But it's still a day one purchase for me.

Tundra2312d ago

...And now a 10/10. Something is going on here because these scores are all over the place. Joystiq just gave it a 40. Game informer gives it a 85.

That said, screw it I'm still getting it tomorrow.

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