Could Sony Buy Leap Motion 3D and use it for the PS4?

GR - "A new technology called Leap is 100 times more accurate than the Microsoft Kinect."

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MultiConsoleGamer2247d ago

Next gen won't run on motion controls.

FunAndGun2247d ago

maybe not solely but I bet the option will be there either at launch or down the line.

WooHooAlex2247d ago

It won't be required, but all three will have the option of using motion controls.

WeskerChildReborned2247d ago

You never know, each gen improves in technology so next gen, it could be very possible.

MultiConsoleGamer2247d ago

No. The motion control ship has sailed. Next gen is all about crazy tablets. Everyone is making one and all four consoles will have one.

EeJLP-2247d ago

I have zero interest in a tablet controller. Give me a DualShock 4 that makes sandwiches.

morkendo232247d ago

.............................. .
Ps4 gamer in front of LEAP MOTION 3D controller add gun and "chest plate rumble" throw in virtual reality glasses HD 3D GRAPIHIC im in. Ps4 might have capability to draw gramers in BATTLEFIELD MW in a 3D HD virtual reality world surrounding SWEEEEEET!!!!!

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iamnsuperman2247d ago

Possible as it is equally possible other companies could buy up the tech as well.

Pandamobile2247d ago

Yeah, there's absolutely nothing to suggest that Sony would fund or invest in this.

SilentNegotiator2246d ago

Other than the convenience of getting lots of traffic on an underwhelming website....

WeskerChildReborned2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Well if Sony is trying to compete with Kinect then maybe. I would also assume that if they did do this, then they would drop PS Move because their wouldn't really be any point for it if this is on PS4.

BitbyDeath2247d ago

I'm sure it's great tech but i'd much rather VR

WooHooAlex2247d ago

Its cool, but this would be much better for a tablet than a game console.

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The story is too old to be commented.