Battlefield 3 – A Simple Message of Teamwork

MP1st - Teamwork: An aspect of team-based war games Battlefield 3 does exceptionally well compared to other first-person shooter. That is, when it’s done right.

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hiredhelp2279d ago

Thats soo true how many games have we played when weve needed ammo or medic or revived and a ammo guy runs past you or medic.

Emilio_Estevez2279d ago

I hate that! I drop health or ammo EVERY time I'm near someone and even when no one is around. It doesn't make sense not to, couldn't hurt.

Ken222279d ago

I agree i always drop a Ammo/Med pack in high traffic areas even if no one needs it.

hiredhelp2278d ago

Exactly guys you know somert if half actually did what they supposed to do as a medic or ammo supply they also get rewarded too.
But come on thoe when you choose medic you dont drop them kits around or ammo i mean whats the point really?

Ser2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

They need a better way of indicating that you need ammo / health to other players. LIKE A BIG FLASHING MESSAGE ON YOUR SCREEN.

Then again, you have to remember that not all assault players are running around with medkits. I run assault myself and I use the M320 in place of the medkit.

TheRealHeisenberg2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Yeah, some form of communication would help. I have BF3 and BC2 on PS3 and play them both. I drop ammo and med kits all around the high traffic areas. There has been several occasions where people with mics would ask for ammo or med kits and I would help them if I was nearby. One of those times (while playing BC2) I was passing through an area in a tank and this dude with a mic said "Yo, you in the tank. I need some ammo if you have any." I just so happened to be assault class at that time, got out and dropped some ammo for him. The poor bastard got sniped just after he gave his gratitude. Too bad I wasn't a medic.

Ser2278d ago

Hahaha, nice. At least you tried. That's more than most would do.

hiredhelp2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Then again, you have to remember that not all assault players are running around with medkits. I run assault myself and I use the M320 in place of the medkit.

Good point made there but ive been same but had my defibs ready to pick up anyone near me i can get too. Now while not everyone as medic have kits there will be many that do have them dont use them
Thats why sometimes i like to play metro conquest yeh small not as good as many other wide open maps, but when stuck we trying push threw the hall youll find many medics and ammo guys doing there job yet other maps not soo much crazy.

SKUD2278d ago

Its rare that I actually get health / ammo packs from players. Most are all out for themselves. TOO MANY DAMN SNIPERS. The next BF better have commander mode. I can just call in a supply drop. The BF2 MP class and squad system was damn near perfect.

jjb19812278d ago

Pressing select will let the other guys know you need ammo, even when there is no prompt

ExCest2278d ago

Oh man. It rarely helps with the mongrels that only point-whore (Usually the majority in a game). Nobody ever wants to give you ammo or health or revives. The only time they do do it is to earn like a billion points. I mean, throughout many of my games, I was the only true medic on the field.

Despite the terrible/or perhaps useless team/community, it's still a fun game.

OcelotRigz2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

When i got the game i was Support for ages and didn't notice the the ammo problem simply because i never needed ammo since i was support and i dropped ammo for others the whole time i.e some lonely engi battling a tank, sniper shooting across the map, beside my teammates while there at an intense hotspot etc... Its common sense, you benefit and your team benefits, absolutely no disadvantages.

BUT...i moved on to be an Engineer and man did i notice it and it frustrated the hell out of me, all the times i was left with no rockets to take out a tank that was dominating an area and (this actually happened) i would chase a guy around the whole map either waiting for him to die so i could pick up his kit and throw the ammo myself or if on the oof-chance he decided to listen to that guy following him roaring for ammo and actually drop some, i had to wait for him to die.

The way i see it, you either play BF for the satisfaction you get from its teamwork designed gameplay or simple to get as many kills you can while getting to use cool guns and vehicles. The latter bastards just dont care about the teamwork aspect.
Now we have Close Quarters where teamwork and class importance goes out the window and most matches will be a shotgun fest.

trenso12278d ago

Unless you drop an ammo pack for a team and then both you are killed by some one one his last two clips and uses your ammo box for ammo. But that only happens once in a blue moon for me.

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