Worldwide Sales Chart for Week Ending January 12, 2008 (Without Japan)

VG Chartz has just released there worlwide sales estimates for hardware and software excluding Japan.

Hardware Totals:

DS - 288,331
Wii - 148,119
Xbox 360 - 127,857
PSP - 120,227
PS3 - 111,404
PS2 - 105,554
GBA - 11,298
GC - 458

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CeruleanSky3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Flame? Don't think so.

Laugh at the vgchartz fanboy fantasyland numbers once again. Vgchartz just got bïtchslapped with real numbers for France today and were finally forced to fix their as usual massively inflated 360 numbers and undercounted PS3 numbers - although they in a final bit of 360 fanboy defiance refuse to use the actual number for France are are still inflating the 360 numbers a bit.

Ever since the PS3 started outselling the 360 in worldwide sales the Xbox fanboy, ioi, at has been in full scale damage control mode trying to keep the 360 numbers close to the PS3 in worldwide sales.

Gamers are getting tired of these Xbox fanboys in the media crap.

Enough with the bogus sales numbers at sites like vgchartz.
Enough with the bogus comparison videos at sites like gametrailers.
Enough with the bogus review scores at sites like EGM/1Up.

ry-guy3957d ago

Yes. Inflated 360 numbers.

Just like the time when VGC only had half a million Mass Effect units recorded and Microsoft was reporting over a MILLION sold.

fusionboxer3956d ago

I hate to say it, but when they include Japan the ps3 will most likely see a significant jump in sales. I just checked last week and the ps3 sold about 74k and the 360 sold about 12k.

Anyway this is kinda pathetic anyway. Vgchartz is usually incorrect and whether or not your pro ps3 or 360, you shouldn't fully depend on this particular site as solid proof of a point.

Also the n4g article says itself. VGchartz "estimate" (keyword here) for week ending blah blah.

But yea just wanted to throw that out there. If ps3 sales are even close to last weeks then the ps3 has won once again in worldwide hardware sales. Funny though that the site fails to mention they don't have numbers for japan yet.

pwnsause3957d ago

expect this to change onto PS3s Favor against the 360 while the Wii laughs all the way after the JP sales charts release

Spike473957d ago

111,000 for Ps3 and 127,000 for xbox360.

with japan the PS3 will rise big time while the xbox360 will only inscrease to 134,000 or something like that.

Still, I wanna see the NPD numbers, they're more accurate.

today's january 16 right?

MK_Red3957d ago

Hope the numbers for Uncharted are true and it is indeed at 800k and even better, hopefully it will reach 1 million soon. The game definitly deserves it.
Also, hopefully the numbers for AC are also true. That game deserves to be a true best seller.

PS360WII3957d ago

Yes I want Uncharted to be a million seller as well. That game rocks! I had no idea Flash Focus already broke a million though and Mario is up to 4.5 and good numbers for both versions of Assassins Creed ^^

SoulReaper3957d ago

Uncharted is doing great ..It will be a one million seller soon..

The PS3 outsold the 360 probaly by 30k or mroe if they added Japan sales..

JBaby3433957d ago

But I think it's good that PS3 keeps up like it is because with Japan numbers it will certainly rise even higher. Also I'm glad to see Uncharted on it's way to 1 million because that game definitely deserves it.

SmokeyMcBear3957d ago

so uh, the ps3 is selling more software than the 360... didnt see that one coming

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