Ubisoft’s Chris Early chases Ghost Recon fans on multiple platforms (interview)

Ghost Recon is one of Ubisoft’s major video game franchises. So the French maker of console games is using the upcoming launch of Ghost Recon: Future Solder — a major cross-platform title coming May 22 — to launch a series of related social and online titles. Ghost Recon Commander, developed by Loot Drop for Ubisoft, will debut on Facebook shortly. And a free-to-play first-person shooter game, Ghost Recon Online, debuts this summer. By creating more casual, free-to-play titles, Ubisoft hopes to widen the interest in Ghost Recon and eventually convert those players into hardcore fans, said Chris Early, vice president of digital publishing at Ubisoft. Here’s a transcript of our interview with Early.

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sonicsidewinder2311d ago

"convert those players into hardcore fans"

Wait.. okay... so they wanna get the baby gamers in using casual renditions of Ghost Recon, to make them hardcore?

How? If they're playing casual games, Hardcore will be too hard for them.

*Goes back to Ghost Recon 1. A Proper Ghost Recon.*

NYC_Gamer2311d ago

^^Ubisoft have ruined all 3 of these franchises...

Splinter Cell
Rainbow Six
Ghost Recon

h311rais3r2311d ago

Yes. Yes they have. They went from tactical strategic squad based command shooters to run and gun blow em ups. So shameful because each one of them used to be unique.

sonicsidewinder2311d ago

Shocking init really.

They're all starting to feel so samey as well. Soon as I saw that mark and excecute system (A terrible, contrived gameplay feature) in Future Soldier I couldn't help but face palm.

You can see through walls on the new Rainbow Six. So much for Planning your strategy, nah, I'll just look through the wall.

And Splinter Cell? They 'said' they were going to make the next one a 'proper splinter cell game'. Then the last news heard on this new game was that it will retain the 'action focus' of Conviction. Are they fucking stupid?