Tyler B hints at Gears sequel releasing this year

Xbox360Fanboy reports: "Okay, we'll be upfront and say this news is a bit of a stretch, but slow news days warrant speculation stories. That's just how it works. So, when we spotted a credible source mentioning Gears of War 2 releasing this year, we had to pounce.

Our friend and fellow gaming enthusiast over at Gearheads of War, Tyler Bleszinski (who is the older bro of Cliffy B) posted about his latest Gears gaming experience and how it compared to Call of Duty 4. In summary, Tyler (like many of us) doesn't care for Gears' hit and miss and ever so random shotgun and Boom Shotting. Now this is where the juicy speculation kicks in. He goes on to say that "I had a blast even with the Gears hiccup. I'm thinking I'm just going to need to wait for the sequel later this year. In the meantime, I've got COD 4 to keep me company." Wha? Did you catch that? Tyler specifically references to playing a Gears sequel later this year. Holy double w00t, w00t confirmation!"


Xbox360Fanboy just got in touch with Tyler Bleszinski and he clarified his remarks. He says that he has absolutely no information regarding GoW2's release date and was basing this year's release off of rumors from Quartermann of EGM.

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DrPirate3990d ago

I have 10 that says Gears 2 is announced and previewed at GDC.

Effects Guardian3990d ago

I really HOPE to give you that 10. :P

shotputking3990d ago

it's looking more and more like that is going to happen... i've never anticipated the GDC more than this year...

decapitator3990d ago

It is coming alright. They will announce it at GDC. I am about 95% sure.

mighty_douche3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Of course it will drop this year, M$ will make it happen even if Epic dont want it to. The 360 needs something BIG in 2008.

EDIT: XBOX is the best.... dude im more concerned with whats coming, not whats done and past.

Xbox is the BEST3990d ago

has had big games 2 years and counting. PS#3 can't say that

Skerj3990d ago

PS3 hasn't been out for 2 years maybe?

Kyur4ThePain3990d ago

You beat me to it.

It's like he spread his legs with a sign pinned to his groin area that says "Kick here". LOL

Skerj3990d ago

It's coming this year, with the way they designed the first and UT3, Epic can crank out sequels Insomniac style. I just hope for smarter AI, and a vastly superior narrative over the first.

Devr3990d ago

Imo, it will be shown the first time at E3 and will be released sometime in '09. I'm sure MS has some other big game(s?) for this fall.

EastCoastSB3990d ago

This is pretty much obvious.

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The story is too old to be commented.