Next Playstation and Xbox hitting next year? DICE believes so

DSOGaming writes: "DICE’s Rendering Architect, Johan Andersson, has revealed that we’ll get some Frostbite 2 powered games in 2013 that will require a 64-bit OS. This basically means that we’ll get games that will require more than 2GB of RAM. Fair enough, we’ve been stuck in our 32-bit OS for quite sometime. The most interesting thing about Andersson’s tweeted message though - and what others failed to realize - is that this could very well be a hint for next-generation consoles. Could the next Playstation and Xbox hit stores next year? DICE seems to believe so."

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Akuma-2247d ago

I can't wait to buy them both

Persistantthug2247d ago

There's alot of good financial reasons to go to holiday its hard to gauge if either Sony or MS are interested in holiday 2013 or not.

Either way, I'm enjoying what I have now.

TheEatingOrange2247d ago

LOL it's obviously going to be released in 2013 stop being retarded

F7U122247d ago

you're enjoying the low rez textures/sub HD? the 30fps, the limited draw distance, the mediocre lighting, the limited player count, the keystone cop type AI?

with the way the economy is going right now both MS and Sony can get pretty good contract deals on hardware but only if they think we are ready and willing to pony up the cash so please stifle this talk that you're perfectly happy with six year old tech, otherwise they'll never move their lazy asses.

NYC_Gamer2247d ago

I can't wait til some official specs leak

john22247d ago

Same here. Hoping for a good jump that will be able to handle more complex open-ended/sandbox games

MacDonagh2247d ago

Will be curious to see if they are seriously going to lock out used games or not.

Hicken2247d ago

It won't happen. The only reason such rumors got started in the first place is because people hate GameStop, and developers want to make money off used copies. A bunch of silly people out there- surprisingly, many of them call themselves gamers- thought this might actually be a good idea, so they took the concept and spun it into an implausible plausible.

Long story short: don't hold your breath.

smashcrashbash2247d ago

Wouldn't that be a kick is Sony revealed the Orbis at E3 for next year? I think that would steal everything else's thunder.

LOL_WUT2247d ago

Yeah definitely i hope they tease it this year like put up a big 4 at the end of the conference. Same thing with the new Xbox.

Ryo-Hazuki2247d ago

Can you imagine free party chat and all multiplatform games will be easy to develop for on the ps4? No high launch price anymore.....I think Sony will come out guns blazing next-gen

mcstorm2247d ago

I have to disagree with no high price for the ps4. Just look at the psv price and it will be the same with the ps4.

I love sony products but they dont make cheap products and it will be the same with the ps4. I also expect sony to charge for psn next gen too as this will help them make up for some of the losses they will make on the ps4. Plus if spny said they would charge you £30 to use the online play and apps would this stop you from buying the console? I dont think it would.

Im looking forward to seeing what microsoft and sony offer for next gen as well as getting my hands on a wiiu as i know i will still be picking up all 3 of there consoles just like i have done every gen for all the consoles that have been out since the snes.

Ryo-Hazuki2247d ago

I honestly think you will be able to buy a ps4 at $400. Whether that will be the cheaper model but they won't make that mistake again and "over-engineer" the ps4 like they did with the ps3. It won't be $600 again.

torchic2247d ago

$399 for the cheapest PS4 model. calling it.
maybe $450 but nothing more.

$599 will never happen ever again. Sony themselves said that they learned from their mistakes of the PS3, and by far the biggest was that price tag.

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The story is too old to be commented.