Shining a Torchlight on Diablo III's Starter Edition

See how Diablo III's Starter Edition helped a player decide if the RPG was worth an investment.

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roblef2249d ago

I'm still trying to figure out whether to get this game AND Torchlight 2, or just wait for TL2. I'm leaning toward the latter, then picking this one up when it's less than $60.

Canary2249d ago

For what it's worth, Diablo III, despite its flaws, is certainly worth $60. It is--and there's no real denying it--an "instant classic." People will still be playing the game and loving it twenty years from now when Diablo 4 comes out.

Torchlight 2 will almost certainly be worth $20, but odds are it'll be replaced and forgotten several times over in the next few decades.

It really boils down to whether or not you want a big game that's more involving if you play it alone, or a smaller, shorter game you can more easily share with friends.

NYC_Gamer2249d ago

TL2 2 should have the longer legs since it has mod support....