The Top 10 Famous Glasses - Take these glasses off? No way, they're famous

Games Radar writes:

"Sunglasses. Wear them, and no one will know where you're looking. Are you making eye contact when you speak? Maybe, but they don't know. That's how cool you are. Now, if you wear your sunglasses all the time, indoors and out, rain or not-as-much rain, then you're probably wearing famous glasses. No need to apologize for that."

"The following are the top 10 famous glasses (in video games, mostly), as deemed by us, the arbiters of cool."

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urban bohemian3984d ago

Apart from the fact he is clearly a n00b his end reply is quality! And why does the news reader go off on one at him! The whole thing is hilarious, it made news world wide!

Stupid glasses

Marceles3984d ago

Aww I was almost sure I would see Lucca from Chrono Trigger on the list

toughluck3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Sorry... (I wrote this article). I didn't even think of Lucca.

The list was put together quickly as a complete joke in reference to the famous glasses kid. Didn't have a lot of time to dig through our mental libraries of gaming knowledge. We also forgot to consider Otacon. Dammit! I'm kicking myself, you'll have to trust me.

But like I said, the list is a joke. Intentionally. I'm talking to you, Albert Wesker commenter.

ShAkKa3984d ago

this list pathetic, where the hell is the great Albert Wesker?

Wriggy3984d ago

Quite an interesting read though as mentioned, a few classics were missed out!

zigzag3984d ago

what happened to the terminator

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