Max Payne's multiplayer doesn't copy other games says Rockstar

Speaking to the Xbox Community Network in an interview, Rockstar's VP of Development Jeronimo Barrera claims the multiplayer isn't a copy of something else that was "already out there".

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Pintheshadows2161d ago

As much as I love R* and Max Payne 3, the multiplayer has a lot in common with Uncharted. Bursts are effectively Kickbacks for example.

Virus2012160d ago

Yeah, and those kickbacks are just Uncharted's version of perks COD's "perks".

BabyTownFrolics2160d ago

i am enjoying the multiplayer, I love gang wars

the worst2160d ago

Max Payne's 3 multiplayer is a complete joke.
belongs on the dreamcast

DJLB21152160d ago

WTF are u smoking bro? Can i have some cuz if it makes u trip and say crazy things like that, it MUST be good

the worst2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

@DJLB2115 Max Payne's 3 is garbage.
it the worst online game this GEN.
or maybe you like trash

@MikeCosgrove please go buy your a HD tv
its nothing like uncharted
MP3 is trash

user54670072160d ago

I'm liking the multiplayer but it is a little like Uncharted

I wish it had Uncharteds movement though, the "tank" controls really need takes a while to climb up something. Plus lets not forget how long it takes to throw a grenade.

togoro_n4g2160d ago

Multiplayer lacks co-op lan stable servers control mapping ....uncharted series and stranglehold did this much better. Solid single player ..a+

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The story is too old to be commented.