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Do not expect the same gameplay style as the other games, as this time we get a treat, a team tactical shooter, full on action and a few jumps along the way. Now before I go any further, the developer have said that this game was to be a change in what is normally expected from the Resident Evil Series ,kind of like a side game. So all you Resident Evil fan gamers, don’t through your gamer pad out of the window, you have been told.

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RXL2194d ago

English a second language?

please proof read your article before publishing it..

and this game is no where near a 4 out of 5..maybe a 4 out of 10..

WeskerChildReborned2194d ago

My thoughts exactly, the story is only 4 hours long and ain't even the slightest bit interesting. It's basically get to point A to point B

finite2194d ago

thanks for your comments

FarCryLover1822194d ago

Nice review, but that score is way too high.

RXL2194d ago

i wonder....

i wonder...

who disagreed with us..


finite2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

TBH our review artists give there personal opinion about the game, in no way do we influence the final score this is the review artists choice. As all our review artists are Students as well as gamers, they pick up games they think they might enjoy. Some players like this game some do not, some see it to short some do not care, some see it way off base and does not follow Resident Evil franchise, all these are their personal opinions and everyone is entitled to them.

We also add this to the bottom of our reviews "All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist's personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.".

RXL, Who ever disagreed with your comments, is totally their choice we have no say, we appreciate any comments.