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"The level design and unforgettable bosses surpass even that of Skyrim. In that light, its noticeable hiccups become merely growing pains in the face of a powerful, new idea, one that's sorely needed in an industry saturated with sequels and spin-offs. Inspired by both Dark Souls and Skyrim in almost all the best ways possible, it presents an open world that's wrought with danger, yet begging for adventure, and shows that Capcom is ready to take a leap of faith. And so should you."

~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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Rediculamal2251d ago

Ooh, I'm already skint after Stawhawk and Max Payne 3 but I really, really want to get Dragon's Dogma...

God I wish Gamefly didn't ignore Ireland.

Rediculamal2251d ago

In Ireland, Xtra Vision doesn't stock new games until they're so not new any more that the sequel has been announced...

Captain Qwark 92251d ago

this game seems really split amongst reviewers. thats a good sign in my book. more good than bad. seems people really reviewed it and gave honest opinions instead of just giving in to hype

godzilla722251d ago

Game is awesome, and im not even much into rpg games! Been playing it all weekend!

Son_Lee2251d ago

I may break down and buy it. It's been on my radar since it came out. And I usually love the games that reviewers are split on the most..

knifefight2251d ago

Same here. my friend. Give me a good polarizer any day ^_^