NGB: E3 2012 Predictions - Sony

With two weeks left until E3 2012 kicks off in Los Angeles, NGB thought it was about time members of the team put their necks on the line and told you what they expect to happen at this year.

Will Sony announce a new console? Is Microsoft’s showing going to Kinect focused? Are Nintendo going to wow everyone with the Wii U? Which third party title will shine the brightest? So many questions, the answers to which shall be revealed very soon. Exciting times!

In the meantime, have a read of the team's predictions below, as NGB kick things off with some Sony related predictions.

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TheFinalEpisode2191d ago

More on PS All-Stars and The Last Guardian please!

sinncross2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I personally think the PS Battle Royale reveal at E3 will be strongly connected to 3rd party content.

Patcher (lol) said that Sony was going gamer focus at E3. What better way to do that with one single game then to show all these cool non Sony characters appearing in the game?

Also, some new content will be nice... I believe PSV will have more emphasis with Sony able to use GamesCom for a more equal PS3/ PSV showing.

Also I was thinking about the KZ3 MP 'demo' Sony released. Would it not be interesting if they started offering games like Starhawk on PSN with SP and MP as separate buys? So it is like you need to buy 2 DLC to get the full game?

This way that can offer each individual segment at a reduced price (obviously its not the full game) which may actually suit a lot of people... I mean, maybe there are people who just want Starhawk for the MP (like Warhawk) so the SP is not that interesting to them. I think that could be worth exploring. Full games on DISC. Full games and SP/ MP only on PSN.