Bethesda unveils Dishonored “Weapons of Revenge” site, lets you kill plagued rats

Late last month, and transferred to internet brand protection agency Corporation Service Company. Both names were first registered by ROKKAN, a digital design firm that often acquires names secretly on behalf of ZeniMax Media. originally redirected visitors to Bethesda’s home page on There was no new website activity on until this week. A website has now been unveiled that lets you kill two rats and the aftermath is graphic. However, if you choose to spare the plagued rats, the website rewards you with a Dishonored screensaver that you can download for the Mac or PC.

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Christopher1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Boy, that's some amateurish flash video work there and kind of... lame... yeah, that's the word I'm looking for.

BTW, I killed 4 rats because I didn't like the way they looked.

fusible1530d ago

LOL. Killed a handful myself.

NastyLeftHook01530d ago

i may buy this just for the rat killing.

beerkeg1530d ago

Yeah, I've never killed rats before. Oh, yes I did, in every rpg I've ever played.

ShoryukenII1530d ago

They won't be bothered by the hundreds of families that slaughtered in Skyrim but they'll PMS if I step on a rats tail on my way to the next village.

Somebody1530d ago

Or that one rat stabbed in BF3.